Report: At Least 10,000 People Dead from Vaccines and It Cancels Your Life Insurance

Report: At Least 10,000 People Dead from Vaccines Plus by Taking the Vaccine  Cancels Your Life Insurance….

Charlie Discovered that since these vaccines are experimental and have not been officially tested the cancel your life insurance.    Charlie says at least 10,000 already dead.  Vaccine adverse reaction site has shown 2 different reports according to a Michael Jaco video where an MD Doctor logged in to their membership and saw a 9% immediate kill rate with the vaccines. But according to other virologists, MD medical experts and vaccine researchers, the big kill rate comes in 3 to 5 months. Any future infection will cause a cytokine storm that can kill you.  I AM LEGEND potential scenario  (movie).

Is this all fake news?   Well, do your own research.  But if you only listen to main stream collusive media that speaks only evil then everything good and Godly will probably seem fake to you.    But on the bright side many military insiders are saying that this vaccine thing and the rest of the bad stuff is about to peak and NESARA will be announced VERY soon.  Good!  Do it!  We all need it!  See Charlie’s Ward’s video below with Carly & Julia (two cool, polite, level headed ladies from Australia)


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