Reminder: ALL Of MD Allopathic is Pharmakeia Sorcery – MD Medicine is SATANIC

brown and black snake

Reminder: ALL Of MD Allopathic is Pharmakeia Sorcery – MD Medicine is SATANIC

Any Doctor or Nurse or Pharmacist, University or Professor Who Willing Continues in MD Allopathic, Pharmakeia Medicine is Willingly Choosing Satanism.  Those who practice Satanism are Satanic.

  1. They cut out God.
  2. They have a disdain for the cures God already has given through 1. human body logic 2. His original designed foods.  3. His herbs.
  3. They hate God and think He did a “bad job” (all while they have very little idea how the body works and were only trained to serve the Pharmakeia snake.)
  4. They focus on isolates instead of the comprehensive whole.
  5. They can’t cure a thing.  They can patch up symptoms for a time being but with their sorcery trickery, they make multiple other problems in you so they can treat them, for a fee later.  
  6. They don’t know how the physical body works.  They know a few things but they’ve been lied to about how the physical body works.
  7. They are the biggest murders that, arguably, this planet has ever know, at least since Adam.
  8. They are founded by an actual Satanist as widely reported.
  9. They they claim Hippocrates who cured people with food, herbs and logic but they don’t have clue about nutrition.  They quote Hippocrates  “do no harm” but harm is largely all they do.
  10. It’s through Pharmakeia that the nations are deceived – Revelation 18 – and we are arguably witnessing this in real time with their “Covid-19 Vaccines”, vaccines that were intended to be the actual “Mark of the Beast”.  If these vaccines are all what health experts are saying they are, then it sounds like even a few billion people will die over the next 2 years.   We are now assuming that there must be a cure in those 6000 healing related patents, including the medbeds, especially since DJT continuously pushed the vaccines himself.  Unfortunately, taking the reported Covid-19 deaths from USA and Europe (which is around 30,000 together as of this typing) and combining those numbers with the Harvard study that said only 1% or less adverse events from vaccines are reported then 30,000 divided by .01 for 1% = 3 million deaths.  And that does not include the rest of the world.  And according to experts,  deaths should ramp up between 4 months and 2 years after taking the Covid-19 vaccines.
  11. Are those who took the vaccines the twigs that are to be broken off before the harvest as mentioned in Isaiah 18? 
  12. Have you ever wondered why there are snakes in all of their logos?  Snakes.  Serpents. Deceivers. 
  13. Vaccines, you could call, are “snake venom”, poison, and as many have exposed, were nothing but an end times Trojan horse scam from the start designed for the ultimate goal, which is now, which is mass human extermination. 
  14. Much more to be continued…
  15. Repent MD’s !  Go learn how to heal people instead of stealing, killing & destroying peoples lives, their organs, their future. 


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