Religious Christian Trip to Hell then Meeting Jesus – Time to Deal with the Reality of Heaven and Hell

Heaven & Hell Testimonies – There are Many – There Will Be Many More In Increasing Numbers According to Prophets:  It’s Better to Deal with Them and Make Sure 100% That Your Heart is Right with Jesus in Complete 100% Genuine Honesty…

You do not know when you are going to go.  We should not mess around for a second any more, not one more second of delay of getting your heart right with Jesus.  This includes you, if you are already born again too.  Let’s make the Lord excited to see us!

Salvation is first a heart matter.  Your full belief in the heart gets you justified, born again.  Get this CD from Kat Kerr who explains the AMAZING things that happen when you are born again and give it to all the people you know.  It’s only $6 which essentially means that you are pretty much just covering their costs.

Salvation comes from confessing and obeying Jesus as Lord.  This comes from obeying Jesus from the New Testament and from the heart in real time, by walking after the Spirit not your flesh or soul. This means we submit to Jesus as Lord and Master in our heart.  

He is God the Son of course we should obey Him.  The struggle comes from the tricks of the Dark Side trying to trick us, on an ongoing basis to not obey Him.  Once you learn the commands of Jesus of the New Testament (see all the commands that we put together for you on the right side menu!) you’ll see that the Enemy’s main target is to get you to break Jesus commands.

After you’ve become born again you get the opportunity to obey Jesus as Lord.  Your obedience up until the end gets you saved as mentioned repeatedly through the New Testament (that pop denominations love to ignore).  On that note also get on our Volume Bible Reading plans from the right menu

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