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  1. Goal is to pay people out by Nov 3 – 5 around then , see video
  2. Going to Julian calendar so there will be 40 days in October.
  3. Markets need to do its crash thing.  Some have said the markets “Need” to crash 95%.  If that’s the case maybe it’s time to buy some put options?  Maybe on ETF’s like QQQ and SPY?
  4. . On another video a lady said she received a letter from the IRS with the IRS saying that they owe her money.  Many have said
  5. They are saying more emphatically that there WILL be few days without power because it’s necessary for changing over to Tesla free energy.  I think i heard that they are going to use the 5G towers as Tesla free energy towers.  Still, those 5G towers need to be replaced since they represent an existential threat to humanity.
    1. Not  having power maybe a bigger deal for some than others.  ie if you have well water, your well pump may not work if you don’t have a generator leaving you with no water.
    2. Your food in your fridge and freezer can all go bad.
    3. But you need food, food that will empower your body without going bad:  dried fruits, nuts and seeds fits into this category – these foods will also keep your immune strong.   Organic only.  Fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds equals what type of diet?   That’s right.  Genesis, the Garden of Eden diet, and they lived hundreds and hundreds of years.
  6. A couple few hundred thousand sealed indictments have been opened.  This planet needs to be cleansed from all Satanic religions and doctrines.  Some may argue that all organized religion would fall into that category, including all of those Christian denominations which are considered captured operations that, from every one that I’ve been to, deny Jesus as Lord, they don’t preach all of His commandments, they treat His sayings as ‘nice sayings’, they don’t know the Bible, they know a few things about the Bible to fit into their denomination doctrine contraptions, they are full of error, just blatant, simple error where they make up wild ideas about a passage when the answer is often right in the next sentence or next paragraph, they disobey Jesus commands,  they don’t teach their congregation what a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord means….  They don’t understand what a lord is or a king much less what King of Kings and Lord of Lords means.  They skip verses all over the place to fit into their scam doctrine which often 1. makes them your lord 2. while also empowering yourself to be your own lord with your god, your belly.
  7. Humanity must rise, get rid of Satanic medicine and Satanically inspired religions (i.e. derived from Babylon, from fallen angels, demons, nephilim… which all essentially 1. makes the religious leaders  and institutions your lord  2. while also allowing you to be your own god, to be your own lord if it wants to survive and thrive, while not getting sucked into another trap as I hear many new agers are getting drawn towards.  Reality and your existence is about you developing a good, trusting, respectful, loving, relationship with God, and then growing closer and closer from there. That concept is logically one of the best explanations to why you even exist. So therefore, it’s not about you running about all willy nilly, to and fro, while ignoring God, while not getting to know Him, while not spending time with Him, while doing your own thing and not respecting what God  says and wants, while ignoring and  hurting God’s feeling in the process.  Remember, you’re made in God’s image, what you like and dislike and what you want and don’t want comes from Him and is Modeled off of Him, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
  8. So listen to ShariRay updates and Intel.  We’re almost here.  Prophets like Manuel Johnson has been talking about “Christmas in November” for quite a while, and now the news and Intel sources are saying the same.
  9. there is a purposeful drive of Bitcoin to 100,000.  The Japanese guy (sorry forgot name)  who founded it says there is a plan for it.   But many sources have also said that 95% of crypto will go away and XRP / Ripple will remain.  Manuel says that many cryptos will rise in value big as he saw out in 2022 so maybe those other coins will hang around for a while.



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