QANON – Bad? No. Good! How? You’re Being Tested and Shaken for Your Betterment Towards Becoming More Excellent…

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QANON – Bad? No. GOOD! How? You’re Being Tested and Shaken for Your Betterment Towards Becoming More Excellent…

The Anti Qanon Videos Are Flying – What Does it Mean?  What Does It Show?  What Does it Expose?  What Does it Help?

‘Qanon  you’ve led us out to the dessert to be killed by the Egyptians!  You should have let us stay in Egypt so we could eat leeks! …’

There are a lot of new instant Qanon experts out there saying Q is a Psyop – yet none of them seem to know what Qanon said.

You’re about to enter a Promised Land never imagined, even beyond most sci-fi’s.  Yet look at most of humanity – (well depends where you live and if you watch TV) – its a mess.  Most of humanity doesn’t believe the New Testament. In fact, most Christians do not believe the New Testament – they think it’s a nice optional book with some nice sayings, not understanding that it’s the very system that produces salvation.  Salvation comes through obedience.  Regeneration comes through believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead; yet salvation, according to the whole New Testament, is for the obedient.  The outer darkness is for the disobedient and unproductive, those who do not produce a return for God.. 

Spiritual vs Flesh  –  The Profits and Many TRUTH Seekers – Those Who Seek Absolute Truth Having the Courage Enough to Trust and Know that THE TRUTH Stands on Its Own No Matter

I remember getting to the point in my life after attending various fancy “high level” “sophisticated institutions” of all sorts shapes and sizes while having grown up in many different sophisticated institutions in society and realizing… These people are nuts!  They can’t really do much. They can’t really explain much. Their answers are usually a bunch of nonsense.  They put down what actually works.  They are so full of embarrassing pride. They follow some nonsense “rulebook” of rules I don’t even work very well.  They can’t cure a thing in health besides  chopping it off and say “here fixed the problem is all gone.”  And they all seem to want nothing to do with God except for a few religious ceremonies that push God away personally.  They don’t mind religion if they get to make it up.  And they really didn’t seem to like that one big Book… the Bible.  They only wanted to cut a few verses out here and there while usually even twisting those verses around to fit their fancy.  That didn’t seem right to me…

Yet on the other hand I have had enough experience to get to know a lot of good people and I also got to know a lot of bad people.  The good people are people who like good even though they may have made mistakes; they always wanted to return to good; they were honest and didn’t try to force their point when it was wrong.  The bad people liked badness and they just kept returning to it.  Good people were kind and loving and they looked out for other people.  Bad people were mean they cared mostly about themselves – often they didn’t even feel good about themselves unless they hurt you or make sure that you were doing poorly in comparison to them, things like that.

These life experiences became very valuable later.   Eventually I realized that I did not like bad stuff and I liked the good stuff.   I like love! I like it when people are genuinely kind and I don’t like it when they are fake kind. 

My religious upbringing introduced me to a bunch of swirling that mumbo-jumbo that seemed to go to great efforts to keep me away from God personally.  I knew I wasn’t right with God because I knew it, my gut.  So I started looking for God.  I started exploring this denomination and that in this religion and that.   I sought the truth.  And the truth was what I knew was the truth, what I called THE REAL DEAL, at the time. That was just my expression at the time.   And so I appreciate those who call themselves truth seekers, seeking the truth.  And I encourage them to be “brutally bold” (against the negative and nonsense voices that come at you in this realm and the spirit realm) to go for ABSOLUTE TRUTH, to GO ALL THE WAY!  You will KNOW THE TRUTH when you find THE TRUTH.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that if you seek absolute truth and are willing to go against the grain, if you’re willing to go against what everyone else says, then you will find God.  In fact, you will find the Son of God.   And it’s and its through the Son that you can get it right with God. And you will know that you are right with God.  

I remember the day I had the courage to talk directly to God ( because you’re my religious upbringing I was told I wasn’t allowed to do that) – but I just had to talk to God directly and get an answer from Him.  What did I ask God?  I asked God, “God……… I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done and I want to get right with you.  And I have to ask:  AM I ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN?”  (I was terrified but I had the courage to listen back.).  I got an answer back!  It was like thunder to my innermost being.  “NO!”  was the answer.  But I sense the answer wasn’t finished yet so I waited a little longer a few seconds longer.  And I heard, “But…..”. and I knew what that meant in a sense so I started very rapidly, urgently and excitedly saying to God something like, “ok I’ll do anything. I drop anything.  I’ll do anything you want.  I just want to be one of your children in Heaven.” ( I got this notion from reading from page one of the Bible all the way through)  And I got one more answer!  “Okay….” .  So it began!  Event after event person after person started telling me about Jesus.  I started getting invited to these Bible studies.  My slacker roommate in collage started going to back church about the time when I prayed directly to God ( and I didn’t know where he was going all dressed up on Sundays he had a music gig).  Event after event and mini miracle after mini miracle (a mini miracle was a personal experience to show me that this thing between me and God was REAL) took me all the way to the point where I finally met with a pastor who kept talking about all of this “shadow of a doubt”, “salvation stuff” ( what I called it at the time), and was finally ready to believe for real on Jesus.  The pastor led me through the sinners prayer (Romans Road based) and I was born again from above, thanks be to God. 

One more thing in regards to finding the REAL DEAL.  the real deal to me was confirmed completely when I saw the love of God and the joy of the Spirit of God beaming out of this older couple who probably had no idea that they were one of the greatest witnesses to me.  I remember, poking the older guy or just about to or something like that but I asked him, “what is this that you have? This is what I’m looking for. This is the real deal. why are you so filled with this life and love and presence?”  (some words like that).  And the older guy chuckled and said something like, “Son… Whatever you see in me that is good is the Lord Jesus. I’m not doing anything special!”  so after you said that I said, “That’s It!”  I found THE REAL DEAL.  I found God!  and then I proceeded right after that to go ask the pastor guy if he could tell me about this “salvation stuff” he keeps talking about at the end of the service.  This was after four weeks ago into this new church of my roommates.

 If you want an explanation on how to start to get right with God here are a couple links that go into explanation, that go into details on how to get into heaven and get right with God.   How to go to heaven 1.   How to go to heaven 2.  Ultimately you getting right with God is 1 to 1 personal thing. You don’t have to join any religious organization.  You just need to seek absolute truth and talk to God directly.  When you are utterly serious and sincere God will be there.  God has a very big heart.  He has a sensitive heart.  Says He wants to know that you care about Him too, because He cares very much about you!

Commentary, Expressions, Ideas and Rants – in Relation to  the Current Q Crises and the Anti-QANON Berating Bandwagon

  • Due to reactions against Q, Qanon, I’ve been observing, seeing, sensing interesting things regarding to the state of various individuals (including myself!).  This is interesting!    This anti Q backlash is exposing a lot of things.  You can make associations of characters, characteristics of people, tendencies of people, lack of development in certain areas of people and development in other areas of others. 
  • What’s with people these days!  It’s like the worst thing you can do is help them.  With some people if you help them do anything they get offended.   It’s like helping people became a major sin.  
  • It’s time to stop intaking fluoride while cleansing it out of the body of various toxins.  It’s time to get on some de-calcification programs (research into high dose vitamin K2 mk7 – plus high dose D3 with extra magnesium, zinc and boron, while using only plant based calcium as much as possible).   We need to gain our spiritual sensitivity back, our ability to use our pineal gland which is said to be the antenna within our brain that makes us more spiritually aware and more ability to communicate, hear God.  It’s also time to REPENT back to eating original designed foods and restore the harmony, the ease of the physical body’s operations. 
  • Part of this transition into the GREAT HARVEST or as some call it, The Great  Awakening is to teach the planet faith in God. Israel went through a similar process as God was rescuing Israel from Egypt.  The people of Israel (that were filled with all sorts of pagan ideas from Egypt) had to learn a lot of spiritual things on their journey out of Egypt while then going through an ultimate test with the Red Sea moment. We are in a Red Sea moment right now as we journey out of Egypt and the ugliness of pagan, kingdom of darkness controlled society.  It’s actually very important to trust God or at least, get after learning how to trust God during this time.  This is a fantastic learning moment.  A lot of people have no idea what trusting God even means especially since they’ve been taught a bunch of denominational doctrinal trickery, yeast infected mumbo-jumbo over time.
  • What I perceive is that God is trying to teach us how to become more spiritual versus flesh minded or as the new agers say, more five 5-D versus 3-D.  This is a great time to learn.   So take all that we are going through now in a positive way and get organized, even aggressive in looking for ways to improve.
  • This is a testing process, a shaking process which also gives perspective to people about the difference between this life and the next.  The world is starting to realize that what is greatly more significant – the next life.  It’s got to be better people are starting to think.   And many who are wise seek to KNOW and MAKE certain that the next life will be good for them and not bad.  You can be a dreamer all you want thinking that you’re just going to get multiple attempts, being reincarnated over and over “until you get it right” like the new agers say.  But that is not what the Bible says.  God says you get ONE CHANCE which is this life.  Then God cleans up the universe separating all of those out who have done evil into “dimension zero” the Lake of Fire, where there is no escape.  While the rest who have gone on do “do good” which is to obey the New Testament, onto the Millennial Reign then onto the New Heaven and the New Earth.   So pay attention.  Don’t be lazy.  Pursue God aggressively.  Don’t mess around in this life.  You’re #1 directive for this life is to pass the test by obeying the New Testament, choosing God and His ways, making Jesus your Lord instead of Satan.  The One/one you obey becomes your Lord/lord and gets to keep you at the end of this life, as so many Heaven and Hell visitation testimonies have emphasized. 
  • This is a Red Sea moment.  It is a teaching moment.  This is a time to learn how to live the present and not worry about the past and future as we are instructed to do.  In fact we are also commanded to not worry in the New Testament.    It’s time to calm down.  Become still in your mind and emotions and know that God is God.   It’s time to become still in your cerebral mind and heart’s mind while learning how to operate in your Spirit man’s mind.
  • But what is to come for those who have not been born-again from above those who have not believed in their heart that Jesus died for their sins and rose from the dead and those who have not confessed Jesus is Lord (thereby admitting that you have to obey Him)?  There will be utter shock.  Their hearts need to be “shattered” in a sense shattering the rock like build up around their hearts; it need to be broken ( and maybe also shattering the calcification to their heart brain and organs due to their crappy diets, drugs and vaccines in addition to other contaminants…).  Why does the rock around their heart need to be broken? So they can humble themselves and finally look to get right with God being willing to follow His instruction on how to be saved and enter Heaven well.  But hey, most all of us likely have some sort of self will, will of the flesh that is resistant to God. It’s time to go figure out how to hand that over and UPGRADE in your walk with God.
  • Q has been GREAT.  The QANON has woken up hundreds of millions of people maybe more as many have mentioned, has it not?    People around the world started learning about the hideous secrets of kingdom of darkness here on Earth because of Q.  Plus QANON gave people something exciting, and something interesting to do with their lives.  They felt like they could be in on something big and this gave them significance.  Qanon offered hope for humanity.  Qanon helped get enough people in line with the plan of transitioning out of the Age of Man ( the 6000 year lease was up as of 2012) into THE KINGDOM AGE!  This is the time as mentioned in Matthew 24 were Kingdom rises against the Kingdom. This is not the end times tribulation!!!!!!   if it was you would have been hosed already.
  • So how is it that Q led people astray?   Q led people into ACTION not inaction.  Q help foster and army of truth sharing Internet warriors.   So how was Q a Psyop that made people stand down and do nothing because they were “trusting the plan”.   Do you mean having the militia or various patriot groups go out and attempt to take people out?  Is that what you are referring to?   That would have caused a mess that would have let most of the bad guys actually get away.  So you who call Q a Psyop – who’s side are you really on?   And do you really think that mankind is in charge here?   What’s going on here is WAY over man kinds head.   And what good does it do to whine and complain, as if overdosing on estrogen, calling Q a psyop?   
  • Qanon controversies at this post fake election time,  may be a sheep versus goats separation time to separate out or to expose different things in different people.    On the other hand a lot of people really couldn’t keep up with Q and don’t really know the details other than what they heard by word of mouth or mainstream media or other patriots that have ego issues, or other issues.  The biggest issue that gets exposed here and now is – how well are you trusting God and what He has said over and over and over and over through His prophets?  Trump will be the next president likely going from 45 to 19. 
  • Additionally you have to think strategically here:   many crying about Qanon being a psyop “operation trust” ( not the demonic main stream media but those associated with being patriots), maybe doing so strategically, like Alex Jones (although it seems like sometimes he’s jealous about Q and or is having a estrogen kickback by using too many testosterone supplements – i know that type quite well… yes herbal testosterone boosters actually work! But if you don’t get after the estrogen, then that rises too!  yikes lol).  That said, strategically speaking it could be very smart to create a situation that seems like weakness.  Art of War.  So therefore maybe the enemy would relax more and be more distracted themselves.  As Q has said, strategic disinformation is necessary.  And maybe Alex and others having a hissy fit over Q while making ridiculous fake Q follower videos are actually teaming with Q strategically for diversionary psyop tactics, not against patriots but against the kingdom of darkness workers. 
  • But still those who are really mad at Qanon – the reactions, the forced reactions you can say against Q, saying things like ‘we were played’ ‘we were tricked’ etc. etc. also reveals that those people are operating in the flesh instead of the spirit.  Now that the deep thought isn’t it!  The new agers would call that operating in 3-D versus 5D.
  • Trust the Plan:  first of all you have to realize that this is all God’s plan.   Those of you who read this site know that Mark Taylor prophecies have given many years ago before Donald Trump even took office. Additionally Kim Clement gave prophecies about Trump. And so did Kat Kerr amongst many others like Mike Thompson etc.  God’s plan is in the Bible and now we’re going into the great awakening which is more about the Great Harvest and the salvation of 1 billion souls.  Hopefully we can all get  very serious about mastering the New Testament and teaching others to do so as commanded in Matthew 28:  19 – 20 so then maybe we can up the 1 billion souls harvest to 2 billion, maybe 3 billion, aww let’s go for 7 billion!  
  • This would be a good time to go review Mark Taylor prophecy  videos and Kat Kerr videos – you can see on our Youtube channel and playlists.  Also review Elijah and a Elijah streams YouTube.  And you will get the understanding of the actual plan.
  • In this age, the focus is God the Father as mentioned by Kat Kerr.  I’ve even heard the new agers talk about this concept as well from their various spiritual studies. And I talk about new agers a lot because the whole direction of the Earth will be going to more spiritual thing.  We will have to know what they are talking about. And quite frankly much if not most of the Body of Christ needs a spiritual side upgrade since we’ve been taught all sorts of strange things over time from yeast infected church doctrines which gets us to actually deny the Spirit of God, push Holy Spirit away personally, push Jesus away personally ( so denominations and religious leaders to be your Lord while allowing you also have your belly as your God).  And most Christians don’t understand the spiritual side of things very well, although many are starting to learn.
  • Q – The Make America Great Again Foundation is tasked with the most monumental task in the history of man – identifying and cleansing out those were looking to destroy humanity, destroy the earth and especially those who do bad things to children.  The children issue is massive as the bad guys have tortured and sacrificed up near a billion children (as one researcher came to find) to Ba’al – Satan – Molech.  This is the same thing Israel was doing back in the day looking to get some sort of worldly advantage while sacrificing their children to do so.   And these guys were trying to increase evil in the world to a point that it was so strong, to a level,  where they could actually generate birth the Antichrist – but they were not in line with God-line so they were denied; the bad guys try to do this too soon. Now the bad guys will not be able to make much progress whatsoever after Q and MAGA Foundation purges the land  across the planet, sets up a global gold backed quantum financial system and new common-law based laws across the planet while eradicating the hocus-pocus maritime laws.  The bad guys will not be able to do anything going forward as the Body of Christ rises, occupies the Earth and starts to rule and reign in the spirit realm and in this physical realm.
  • If main stream media, main stream medical and the rest of the wicked workers of the kingdom of darkness are attacking Q, then you can assume to a good degree of probability that Q is likely very good.  The same principle can be applied to health, whereas whatever mainstream medical pharmakia medicine attacks through the media is likely something that’s actually effective.  A few examples of recent:  (turmeric, fish oils, natural sea salt, MMS, hydroxychloroquine + zinc, Dr. Sebi etc etc etc…).  Also you may want to look into understanding the health methods by those who are called quacks and those who mysteriously died that have while highly successful healthcare careers in natural healing.
  • What I find interesting is a lot of the people ranting and raving about how Q is a Psyop are those who are usually selling survival gear and books, supplements ( not that there’s anything wrong with selling survival gear and books and supplements but I have seen a correlation between those especially who are selling survival stuff,  go contrary to Qanon and the Prophets like Mark Taylor and prophecies of many others. It’s as if they want disaster to happen because that would justify them teaching fear over the years and pitching disaster in order to better sell their survival stuff.  Even Mark Taylor has mentioned this same chronic problem of people getting trapped into preaching doom and gloom, promoting fear and doubt because they want to sell survival products.  The sales pitch that has been used  in order to sell survival stuff is a doom and gloom message which we are told and warned very seriously by God through profit Mark Taylor that those who preach doom and gloom are preaching their own doom. And this was stated many years ago.  We’ve warned about that problem as well.  Everyone has been warned not to preach the doom and gloom because why?  1. God told us not to.  We are to preach Good News.  2. What you speak with your mouth manifests in this realm.  3. Also speaking doom and gloom ultimately has led many to commit suicide and through the Mark Taylor prophecy their suicide is now blood on your hands according to God through Mark Taylor prophecies,  to those who Preaching Doom and Gloom.
  • Preaching doom and gloom in this hour while attacking those on your team such as Qanon could even be linked to spiritual treason as Mark Taylor as mentioned in his prophecy again.  Qanon has had a massive positive impact on waking up the planet, waking them up from “the matrix” the Satanic illusionary spell that is over them.   And so therefore patriots, you now have hundreds of millions of allies throughout the world because of Qanon.  And team Qanon and MAGA is just STARTING to fight.  STARTING! 
  • God said what He is going  to do over and over and over again. So are you going to believe “the news” or are you going to believe God and his prophecy??
  • To those who said Qanon is a Pysop to make people lazy and do nothing – let’s ask the question: what would you have done? What you have done is made of mess and allow the enemy to escape and then go on to simply re-form and come right back at you in the not-too-distant future.  Qanon MAGA foundation is to clear the entire planet of the Satanic rule that they have had over the past 6000 years (  because man allowed themselves to be tricked by Satan and pals and hand over their power in this realm).   For example those who are hooting and hollering whining and complaining about Q don’t seem to have any clue on the level of technology that bad guys had.  What you’re seeing now with their human Biosystems, their human DNA modifying, “operating system replacement ” mRNA vaccines, able to turn you into a controllable computer or assassinate you whenever they felt like it, is just a smidgen of what they are able to do. For example, a descendent of the founder of the USA NAVY mentioned how we have the technology ,as revealed in one of those In one of those Capitan American movies with the hover ships, that USA military (or whomever is in control of those hover ships) can target you by your DNA and put a laser beam kill shot right through your medulla killing 65,000 people in one second.  ONE SECOND. It’s pretty common knowledge that you can be tracked through your DNA and the bad guys are have your DNA amongst many other personal identifiers. Also you as a person have your own unique frequency so that is trackable.  You are easily tracked through your cell phone.  So the only way to survive is to have all the bad guys removed because they are hell-bent on reducing the population of the earth by 90% while turning the rest into cyborgs. They publicly stated this over and over and over again. 
  • God uses man to do things in this 3D realm. Why?  1. if God physically stepped into this realm, according to what I remember hearing from a prophet or two, is that this realm would melt.    2. God is trying to build relationships and character into those who are His children.  3. God is trying to save souls while allowing man to either choose Him or Satan – making things fair and square.  He does not want to  force anyone into into being his friend.  4. For fun!  Being all there is with nothing and no one doesn’t seem fun and it seems sad and lonely – so God created lots of things!
  • Qanon has been twisted and slandered by those who didn’t even read what was being said.  From my experience, which is from reading the posts but mostly watching videos of those doing a step by step walk through of those posts like Jordan Sather and others, Qanon did not make the masses lazy.  Qanon woke millions upon millions of people up.  It gave them something very interesting and exciting to follow as well.  And infact, those who talk about Q keeping people from taking action:  1. What action do you want the people to take?  Mob riot?  Pitchforks?   2. What action are you taking besides talking? Although some are taking action through protests.  3. This time is WAY above humanity’s head.   The only way to win this battle is through Heaven’s help – but no, you want to ignore the prophets and do you own thing.  This has been explained for the past 4 years.  4. If you really wanted to take action you would have had prophets like Mark Taylor on your program.  You would have had Kat Kerr as a regular guest teaching people how to use much more powerful weaponry than kinetic, or even mind control:  This would be:  commanding the Host of Heaven, releasing the anointing, decreeing and declaring, nullifying the plans, the statements, the laws of the enemy through Jesus Name.  5. The only solution for these times is through God: having the REMNANT command the Host, decree and declare, release the anointing, nullifying the statements, plots, plans and laws of the enemy with God directly working through man, the Qanon Make America Great Again Foundation Military Operation, to tear down the kingdom of darkness in the spiritual and the physical realm. 
  • You whiners, complainers and doom and gloom preachers and newscasters, repent, before you find yourself in trouble with God – according to the Mark Taylor prophecies!
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