Prophetic Word for 2018: The Father Is Saying, ‘Batten Down the Hatches!’

Prophetic Word for 2018: The Father Is Saying, ‘Batten Down the Hatches!’

Get Reading for Some Smashing and it’s Time for You to Start Smashing the Kingdom of Darkness in and through Yeshua

Giants:  The New Food for Sheep

It’s Time to Destroy, Obliterate, Annihilate the Kingdom of Darkness and Drive Them Out Of Your Nation in the Name of Yeshua

This is from  It’s important to have expectations set properly. When expectations are not met we all tend to get cranky inwardly and sometimes outwardly.  And when people are prophets who go off in error trying to please man who who go off in error by accidentally listening to a voice of the Kingdom of Darkness or simply misunderstand or try to give their own interpretation of what God simply said, they can cause confusion, disbelief, resentment, depression… and so on in the believer (or aspiring or future believer) as well.   So keep an open mind, as in don’t despise prophecy or the prophet but you go ask your One and Only Teacher who is…. Right, Jesus as He said.

See the Greek interlinear for clarity on this:  Matthew 23:8-10

Here is the NASB used in the Greek lexicon; ” But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10 Do not be called [a]leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.

So the only One who can give you complete understanding is God.  If you are a sheep you are supposed to hear God’s voice.  If you’re not hearing God’s voice that’s not good.  That said do this:  1. stop sinning and start obeying Jesus commands so you can have a closeness to God and abiding in Christ while stopping continually offending Him and upsetting Him because if you love Jesus then obey His commands.  2. Talk to God and LISTEN.  Stop thinking, stop your thinking, humbling yourself and listen.  And don’t be afraid to listen (maybe some of us have not listened in the past because we were afraid to for a variety of reasons.

So why don’t YOU ask your Teacher  what YOU are to do in 2018?  Why not ask about these prophecies, asking for understanding?  Why yes.  That’s a good idea indeed!

So instead of expecting to “win the lottery” because there are prophecies regarding the wealth of the wicked to be distributed to the righteous just tune into your Master and Lord and focus on what He is telling YOU to do.  (and are you righteous?  Do you know what that means?  Do you know and a are obeying Jesus’ commands of the New Testament AND obeying Him in the Spirit in real time?  For you should be walking holy, not sinning and bearing fruit all over the place if you were) get a full perspective by hearing the rest of the prophecies from and others.)

Speaking of which here are some more 2018 prophecies so you get a more accurate perspective:

Michael Lombardo: “Time to Run with Your Heavenly Assignments!”

Bishop Bill Hamon: “2018: The Glorious New Beginning”

Bill Burns: “2018: A Year of Light and New Beginnings”

Patricia King: “The Greatest Harvest of Souls through Cyber-Evangelism”

Jennifer Eivaz: “2018 is a Year to Discern, Deliver, Restore and Recover”

(Hmm we have 3 prophets named Bill (short for William) here:  The 2 above and this one, Bill Yount on this page.)

The heavens are shouting, “Don’t lose your excitement for what God has called you to do. Your excitement excites Him and activates the angels among you. Excitement is a powerful weapon against the enemy, as it ties his hands.”


The mindset we need to have for this new year is: “We do bears, we do lions and we do giants. That’s what we do.” For they will come this year to find out what is in us.

I sense the enemy saying, “I hope you don’t feel like worshipping the Lord this year with what I have in mind. If you do, it will bring Him down into your situation, and if He shows up, I’m out of here, for He doesn’t know how to lose. Defeat is not in Him.”

  • Extreme Trials and Extreme Victories It will be a year like Houston being hit by a hurricane and winning the World Series. Extreme testings and extreme victories.
  • 2018: I See Bear Rugs, Lion Furs and Giants’ Heads on Gold Platters
  • Giants Are the Breakfast of Champions

I hear the Father asking, “How hungry are you? When you get hungry enough, you get to eat giants! The giants aren’t showing up to take you out, they’re showing up so you can eat them. Eat your giants today. They are your nourishment. They are your bread and sustenance. Giants are the breakfast of champions.”

See Prophet Bill  Yount’s message on what to expect in 2018 Here

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