Prophet Shares Update – Trump is Elijah Pence is Elisha

Prophet Shares Update – Trump is Elijah! Pence is Elisha!

This is What God, Your Maker Has Told CK the Prophet – Hear for Yourself.  This is Quite Amazing.

Would This Imply Maybe that Trump and Pence are the “Two Witnesses”?  Hmmm… An Interesting Thought

Wow.  Listen to what is said from this Prophet (yes she and her husband are the real deal, see the rest of their videos!  They will be a HUGE help to you) about the spirit of Pharisee that has infected MOST denominations (yes including yours you think is “good”) as Pharisee.  What does that mean.  Your denomination has created their doctrine to offer you an easier way than the harsh reality of the Bible without care of your soul but lots of care of control, over you.

This is why most of these denominations have cut out 1/2 of the Great Commission at the end of the Book of Matthew.  They have removed the commands of Jesus and the concept of obeying Jesus. I’ve got lots to talk about on that topic.  But a lot more on that later.  Wake up.   Your soul in jeopardy.  Repent.  OBEY Jesus commands from the New Testament and in real time.  Put the Kingdom totally and absolutely first and God’s righteousness. Be holy.  Be perfect.  Uninstall every sin from  your being.

How can you tell?  If your denomination preaches the absolutely obedience of Jesus’ hundreds of commands throughout the New Testament and the dying to self, putting on Jesus yolk (real time direction and instructions, real time commands, turning off your thoughts and letting Jesus direct your life through the Holy Spirit) then they are ON, in line with the full Word of God.  For you can not love, abide nor bear fruit for the Kingdom unless you obey Jesus commands.  For when you hear, understand, ask your One and Only Teacher for understanding, and then do the Word, the sayings, the commands of Jesus, the commands of the New Testament, you will then bear much fruit for the Kingdom, some 30, some 60, some 100 fold.  Obeying Jesus commands is the secret a close loving relationship with the Father and the Son, the secret to you abiding in Jesus and Jesus and the Father’s love abiding in you, the secret to being Jesus friend and the secret to eternal, everlasting success!

In regards to the below:  see that God reveals, says directly to CK that Trump is Elijah and Mike Pence is Elisha!  – in personality

Oh Donald Trump is actually a prophet.  He has prophetic annotating.  His family is tied into a major revival in Scotland some time ago.  This is why Trump has been telling the future, future events before they happen, if you haven’t noticed.  Even the media is starting to notice.

Now listen to CK.



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