Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 2017 America Divided in 2 Like Israel – Curses on Western Nations – Sign Before Jesus Return

Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 2017 America Divided in 2 Like Israel – Curses on Western Nations – Signs Before Jesus Return

Prophet Sadhu Gets to Visit Heaven Listen in on Councils, Talk to the Lord Yeshua Directly and was Coached by Prophet Jeremiah…

Oh Israel turns 70 Nov 29 2017.  In Nov 291947 the covenant was signed and THAT was when they became a nation.  They will go into another captivity.  Uh oh.  Sadhu was called to the 3rd Heaven and Yeshua King of King Lord of Lords told Prophet Jeremiah to explain to Sadhu what’s to happen.  Wow. I like Jeremiah.

The state of Israel.  The state of Palestine. After 70 years.  Dec 23, 2016, the UN that past a resolution that Israel should be dived into two.  The sad thing, USA turned its back for the first time on Israel.  USA was one who proposed (BO the AC did).  Vision, Israel will be betrayed by her closest friend, the same fate will happen to her.  (Disgusting beast!).  Angel pulled back sword and thrust into the center of the USA.   We will be separated into two.  As the Lord was whipped 39 times, Israel will be beaten with like stripes.  As the robe of the Lord Jesus was parted by the Roman soldiers so will be Israel.  Jerusalem divided too. E. Jerusalem capital of state of Palestine.  W. Jerusalem capital of Israel.

More Curses

New disease will breakout that will eat the skin off people as a punishment for touching apple of God’s eye.  This is because BHO and his cabal conspired to fell Israel.  So now our nation must suffer.   This is what we get for being in sin and being luke warm as a church.  BHO wasn’t even supposed to have a 2nd term but we allowed ourselves to be seduced by lazy doctrine. 

Signs Right Before Yeshua’s Return! 

Many meteors begin to fall.  Falling meteor showers will harrow the coming of the Lord Jesus.   Trees will burn in large areas.  Mountains will spew and burn.  Lots of lava. Shooting up high.  Lava will fall on the waters the drinking systems that will cause the waters to become bitter and undrinkable.

Separation in the church.  Rev 22:11 is approaching soon.   Separation of the church: coming  righteous and holy. unrighteous and filthy.  Which group will you join?  (If you want the righteous and holy they obey Jesus commands (that’s anything said in a command style or implied command style in the New Testament and repent out of all sins starting with this list of 666 Sins of the Bible (work WITH the Lord and ask Him to expose to you every sin in you, every bad belief so you can repent it out, admit it’s wrong and go on to obey to bear fruit!)) Now is the time for the Bride of Christ to prepare herself MAKING HERSELF HOLY

2017 Prophecy For Israel & USA: America Will Be Divided Into Two Like Israel • Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj



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