Prophecy What’s to Come in 2019 and Beyond – Mind Blowing!

Mel Bond’s Prophecy for 2019!

Listen to this!  This prophecy coordinates with other accurate prophets and then explains more.   Know the future now.  Believe on Jesus or there is rough times ahead if your are outside of God.  But those who are inside God, those who are walking in the Spirit and who have become born again from above – there are GREAT times ahead.  God will empower and supercharge you up.  Listen to the video for details.

The Devil in 2019 is starting his big master plan to escape God and destroy humanity in the process through is not so bright followers (who will be destroyed as well then tortured for an eternity unless they repent onto Jesus).  But there will be building disasters up until the tribulation from here. 

But on the other hand there will be greater miracles and displays of power of God especially through His kids!

Those of you in Christ will flourish in the days ahead, to greater heights than ever since or heard of on the earth for man kind. God is looking to pour out massive blessings to His faithful, to those who love Him and obey His Words.

Also of note, God says He is unconditional love.  Now that was encouraging for me to hear.   I wasn’t really thinking that before.  That does make me feel more liberated to seek to please Him and do what He says. 

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