Prophecy – the Destruction of Iran Entirely Unless they Repent for Being Against Israel

Prophecy: the Destruction of Iran Entirely Unless they Repent for Being Against Israel

Wake Up Iran.  Repent.  Get Out of Babylon and Your Babylonian Religion.  You Do Not Know God Your Maker.

For Your Own Sakes!  Wake Up!  The WHOLE COUNTRY must Repent – meaning Change Their Minds ! Come On!  I Like Persians!

Check it out for yourselves.  Why don’t you start talking to God your Maker.  After all  every one of you came from God the Father and you even asked Him to be sent here.    In fact Jesus is Your Maker and He made you with His hands.  Have you forgot who God your Maker is?  No, you KNOW who He is on your insides.  Repent.  The Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU.  Cry out to God and Listen.  He Will Save You.  But if not then you have this below to not look forward to happening:

In a nation that desired for war to shake the ground in the Middle East: You have plotted against My people, you have plotted against My Israel and you will be shaken. Your land will shake; your ground will quake. I will overturn a royal throne and shatter the power of a kingdom that has come against My people. I will overthrow your government, dismantle your weapons and armaments and throw your army into confusion. The desire you have had to utterly destroy My people will come upon you unless you repent.

Is Jesus not showing up in Person all over the Middle East?  See one of your children’s testimony of meeting Jesus – you will believe and repent after seeing this.:

Here is another video


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