Prophecy Given to Mark Taylor – November 5” 2020 –  Dethroning Evil

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November 5” 2020 –  Dethroning Evil


The Spirit of God says, “The election! The election! Did I not say that my anointed Donald J. Trump would be my president? Did I not say that I remove Kings and raise up Kings? I have raised up my anointed Donald J. Trump for such a time as this! Why is there panic? Why is there so much fear in my people? Do you not trust my plan? This election has already been won in the spirit, it now has to manifest in the natural.”

The Spirit of God says, “Oh ye of little faith. Do you not realize how big IAM? Do you not realize how small your enemy is? I laugh at my enemies, especially those who THINK they occupy their throne! These Evil Thrones are ruled with Pride and Arrogance saying “No one can remove us, we are too powerful!” The Spirit of God says, “HA! You will see one throne after another not just fall, but destroyed and turned into ash! I the Lord God will build new ones and I will occupy those thrones. These Evil alters that are occupied by The Kingdom of Darkness will be destroyed and they will be rebuilt as alters of my Light to be occupied by those that I choose. Judges, Congressmen and women, Governors, Mayors,

anyone in leadership that is corrupt will be exposed one after the other and brought down to nothing!”

The Spirit of God says, “Do not think that the church is immune from this Judgment! For one Leader after the other will be exposed for leading my sheep astray. WOE to you leaders that call yourself mine but inwardly are ravenous wolves. WOE to you leaders that come in my name but work for the Kingdom of Darkness! You walk in Vain! Your Pride and Arrogance knows no bounds! You have taken advantage of my people for personal gain, made monuments to mammon, made covenant with Baal, committed adultery, and have harmed my little ones long enough! Do you think I don’t hear your whispers and see what goes on in your inner chambers? I have given you time and Mercy to repent and you have refused. For both Prophet and Priest are defiled. (Jeremiah 23) Repent! True repentance will save your soul, but it will not stop my Justice from being carried out and you shall be dethroned! Therefore because the churches refused to come out of her, and refused my mandate, you will see some close their doors, finances will dry up, and a mass exodus will take place. The true Ekklesia will be in the homes, streets, fields, highways and byways. You will see signs, wonders and miracles breakout like never before. My Ekklesia is being established to rule and reign and will be the one true governing body to establish my Kingdom on the Earth.”

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