Prophecy Coming True Before Your Eyes – Florida Becoming Backbone of the Entire USA

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  • Tom twin, twin of Trump, Winning, 12, TB12, Tomas = Twin, Florida now becoming a leader of sanity to the nation getting rid of masks, exposing the entire satanic scam of “COVID-19”
  • Trump is the actual president, still.  You’re seeing a show as the good guys have been telling us.  The real white house is in Mar-a-lago.
  • Florida trafficking getting cleaned up. DUMBS removed.  
  • Tampa – there is something special about Tampa.  Tampa was called Holy Spirit Bay before they called it Tampa.  Tampa won the 2020 Stanly Cup, the Tampa Bay Rays were in the World Series (although did not win) and of course Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady leading the team to a dominating 2020 Super Bowl victory. 
  • The remnant in Florida has turned their hearts to God.  God’s eye is on Florida.
  • Florida has 2 of the most major prophets in our time, bordering on history with Mark Taylor and Kat Kerr.
  • There are lots and lots and lots of Christians in Florida. 

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