Proof CERN Has Open the Portal See Actual UFO

Proof CERN Has Open the Portal See Actual UFO Go Through Swirling Gate in the Sky

This just recently happened.  It will blow your mind.  This looks totally science fiction but actually and really happened.   This time the portal happened in the sky above CERN.  The scene looks like something from The FLASH TV series.

BUT NOTICE!  There is a UFO that flies into the middle of the swirling, glowing vortex and as soon as the ship enters the vortex, poof!  The whole vortex disappears!  Now that’s freaky!  To me that means the vortex had a purpose.  As soon as that purpose was achieved through the glowing UFO entering – poof – that vortex was not needed anymore, disappears with perfect timing.


See yahoo article:

UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND – Dec 2015 !!!




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