President Trump Got 401 Electoral Votes and 80% of the Vote – According to Military as Mentioned Here…

Executions Abound.  The Delay is Because ALL of the Deep State, Satanists Must Be Removed from the Planet or they Will Keep Trying to Aggressively Kill, Steal and Destroy, Ever Trying to Set off Some Global Catastrophe to Kill All the Humans as their god Satan Commands them to Do So…

The root of the Satanists is said to be the Khazarians.  Well that’s a whole country. They were forced to convert to either Christianity, Islam,  or Judaism out of  Satanism by Russia and Turkey Due to Chronic Hideous, Satanic Behavior.   Well they said they would convert to Judaism (wink, wink) and that’s where they started their super sneaky, high level strategic infiltration and conquer tactic, starting with Judaism and the other religious book they made up called Talmud and I believe the Kabbalah.   These are the people, called “the Jews” which are not Hebrews from Jacob/Israel but the side of Esau (also Ishmael with ties all the way back to Cain who they claim was not a son of Adam but of Eve and the Serpent, and Gene Decode mentioned that they did 13 genetic experiments on Eve who then produced the 13 families that ruled the world under Satan’s control.  Is this all true? These are repetitive story lines going on from many sources. They certainly do have their logic to them.  Do your own research.  I bet we’ll get a lot more clarity over the next several years.  

These are also the people, or I should probably say, the same people of the same mindset and same satanic religious affiliation who were the Pharisees at the time of Jesus who had Jesus die on the cross.  They certainly didn’t want Jesus to be Lord.  In fact, every Christian church, denomination, religion that denies Jesus as Lord, that denies that all Christians must OBEY all of the commands, direct or implied, who have made their own doctrines, who rely on their own doctrines and thoughts, instead of relying on ALL of what the New Testament says and what Jesus says personally, can be said, deny Jesus as Lord, can be called Satanic, making their own way, and are the reason why Christians across the world are a sinning mess.  If these churches would have done their job as per Matthew 28:19-20 Christians would be walking holy, perfect or near perfect and arguably, this whole world would have been won to Christ already; and no false demon or fallen angel worshiping religion would have been permitted by any country.

On that note, as the world finds out about these Jews who are not Hebrews, but infiltrators from the Synagogue of Satan as mentioned in the Book of Revelation the world needs to be careful to differentiate between Jews and Hebrews.    Here is an interesting YouTube channel called TruthVids that goes into much research about the history of Israel and where the various tribes of Israel migrated.  He mentions that most white nations are from Israel and then goes on to prove so by the history of Israel’s tribal symbols on all the various flags of various countries.

New news source that seems to be on top of things, with a good Biblical mindset, a good attitude, and perspective:



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