President Michael Flynn

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President Michael Flynn

(See Video Below!)  Worry is a wasteful. Fear is an abomination. Whatever you focus upon grows. Focus on what you want.

Trust God’s Plan. See Mark Taylor prophecies – all the instructions are there.

President Trump stepped down… stepping down from a dead corporation.   It is IMPOSSIBLE for Biden and Harris to be president & because that corporation is now dead and we are transitioning to a 1776 constitutional government a whole new government. All of the former government will be removed and replaced.

So far this though of is arguably the most intelligent analyst (the fellow with the Boston accent and slight beard) of the situation out there who gets it all and is able to comprehend prophecy to Donald Trump and military strategy.

If you want to wreck yourself and torture yourself then keep listening to mainstream media. A lot of people can’t or don’t want to believe that there are bad people out there who wants to actually destroy their lives, ruin their destiny, make them sick, steal their children and kill them.    To our generation it seems not possible, until someone does something that you then it starts to sink in.  So they keep exploring the darkness.  But the problem with “trying to figure out the darkness”, it sucks you in further and further, until you are destroyed.  So trying to figure out the woooo woooing of the darkness is not recommended to say the least.   

Accept that there are bad people and move on.  Don’t be a victim and a never ending victim to bad people.  Don’t be surprised that some people will hurt you or fail you. 

Most of the time those bad people had no clue what they were doing.  But those bad people opened themselves up to darkness because likely they kept exploring it.  Listen to people like Kat Kerr and Howard Pittman explain to you as they were shown, how the demonic realm works. 

Most people who do bad things are simply getting punkked by demons.   And demons are driven to make people do bad things and say bad things and stew in dark emotions because that is demon food, like that’s what the demons eat (negative energy).  Those are the mechanics. 

Those in the mainstream media, most of government, most of pop music, athletes, Hollywood who are associated with the kingdom of darkness, explored the darkness or they thought little of the potential consequences of the darkness; and the darkness hooked them.  Yet they have one escape, Christ Jesus, their Maker and they must make that giant leap of faith (giant now for them) to call on the Name of the Lord for help so God the Father can enable them to believe on Jesus and be save, yes, even the most vile sinner. 

Another problem people have is that they can’t believe that God would send anyone or would allow anyone to go to Hell.  So they make up all sorts of religious ideas and spiritual New Age concepts; they talk about this dreamy idea of reincarnation and so on whereas the Bible says it’s appointed to man to live once in the flesh and then go on to judgment

27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

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Thinking that there is no judgment and that hell doesn’t exist or assuming that you can never be in danger of hell, even to those who said the sinners prayer (well that would be the outer darkness for those who did believe but were disobedient) is utterly foolish as well. 
Why would I say that?  1. Simply read all the New Testament has to say  2. Listen to the various, may be hundreds maybe into the thousands now of heaven and hell visitation testimonies. ( the trick about those is that you have to  know the Bible well to better differentiate which heaven and hell testimonies are from God and which ones are from Satan – because there are two competing visitations as verified by Kat Kerr in her Copy Cat CD. For example one heaven and hell visitation video. So they saw Michael Jackson and hell and then Kat says, no Michael Jackson is in heaven since he believed on Jesus in his heart shortly before he died, Elvis as well, Robin Williams as well, Whitney Houston as well… Regardless – when you get the perspective that there is an afterlife and the potential for Heaven and Hell is very real, then you get the perspective that you better scramble to make sure that you’re going to get into Heaven according to the rules off what gets you into Heaven which is the New Testament.  A lot of people make up ideas about what gets you into Heaven and there is also a lot of strategic disinformation by the kingdom of darkness because they would love to have you so I can run spears through you for an eternity for one example,  but you don’t want to mess around with God! You and make sure you are doing what He says  gets you into Heaven.  You don’t know when you’re gonna die so it’s better to scramble, even panic, to move aggressively and making sure that you’re right with God and will be with Him for eternity instead of separated from Him into Hell and the Lake of Fire.)
And on that note a lot of people who go to church and are being told that they are saved without a shadow of a doubt and all they needed to do was say the sinners prayer, with the angle of implying that you can just say the sinners prayer, then go on about your life, whereas nothing else you do matters. 
These pastors and religious leaders are setting people up for the potential to end up in the Outer Darkness due to being workers of lawlessness since they were not obedient to the New Testament, the WHOLE New Testament.  Being born again happens by believing on Jesus with your heart (for real) that he died for your sins and rose from the grave.  But salvation comes from obedience to make Jesus your Lord as the New Testament says over and over and over again.
And yes God teaches you through the New Testament perhow to walk in Spirit.   
We just need to make the (aggressive) effort to pursue after God. 
Speaking of aggressive pursuit, Kat Kerr did that spending 4 hours a night with God and one day Jesus in Person walked through her walls and started taking her on up in spirit to Heaven visitations directly with God the Father, having one of the greatest ministries of all time!
Be taught by God.   Don’t follow man.
New Agers – it’s certainly nice they like positive emotions, for the fruits of the Spirit are in line with positive emotions, but New Agers will end up in the pit, Hell, the Lake of Fire too if the do not Accept Jesus as their Lord, their King, their Boss of bosses, their Redeemer and Friend.   
If you are a doer of sin and not an obeyer of the New Testament, all of it, then you are a worker of Lawlessness since the King of Kings makes the law. And those who work lawlessness if a believer, will go to the Outer Darkness forever and if not a believer, to Hell and the Lake of Fire forever.  Don’t mess with God.  Read His Word. Know His Word.  Stop twisting aroud the scriptures. 
Yes many things about life and death and Heaven and Hell are scary.  But just make it into Heaven, then…. you will have the Utopia you seek with no bad people and everyone loving you, ok?  So stop fooling around. Get on our Volume Bible Reading Plans with the Volume Bible Reading system from our side bar (free) and get to work!  See you in Heaven!



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