Preach the Kingdom Not Just Salvation Sinners Prayer

Preach the Kingdom Not Just Salvation Sinners Prayer

The notion is that, well, the sinners prayer is just part of the concept.  Actually the sinners prayer has a whole concept if you confess Jesus is Lord for most tracts I’ve seen.  The concept is that believing in Jesus is the start but believing Jesus, what He says and says to do will get you into Heaven and walking like a citizen of Heaven NOW.  But who even knows what a lord is these days much yet what “Jesus is Lord” means?

Having Jesus as  your Lord is salvation.

Romans 10:9-10 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

“Confession is made unto salvation”.  Confession of what?  The Lord Jesus.  That means you make Jesus your Lord and Master.  What’s a Master?  A slave owner! And you become the slave, the servant.  Wow! Right?  Most people didn’t know that.  That means we better obey and we better not do anything without our Master’s approval or command.  We must seek our Master’s will at all times.  We must obey the commands He has already given us from the New Testament as He as commanded us to obey already.  And we must obey His new commands to us personally on a moment by moment basis in real time.  Fortunately we have a good Master.  But our Master is very serious that we obey Him.

Is Jesus not the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?  Of course He is.  But how does a King rule?  With a rod of iron to smash disobedience.  And what happens when you disobey a king?  Prison and worse, right?  It’s time to stop grieving the King because that’s just a really bad idea.

In the most basic sense of the word a Lord, according to is:  “a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler” (you can see the other definitions from the link).  You have to make, choose, choose daily, die to self daily, take up your cross daily and follow Jesus, following Jesus directions, teaching and commands to you personally in order to make Him your Lord.  And if you want to direct your own life, do your own thing, pursue  your own interests, while blocking out Jesus as Lord, well then, you have become your own lord and good luck trying to put yourself into God’s Heaven after you die.  Are you starting to get what a Lord is?  It’s a HUGE Deal.  And MOST who are Christian in any sort of way shape or form do not understand this, at this point.   So therefore most Christians are going where after they die?  Yeah, this needs to be fixed.

So just because we didn’t understand a Bible passage most have thought that it’s ok to ignore the passage and not look up definitions or not ask the Lord your Teacher what exactly it means.  So we see right here taken from a verse used in most all sinners prayers (that I’ve seen): a. Believing in the heart makes righteousness but b. Obeying Jesus as Lord brings salvation.  WOW!  What an oversight that hundreds of millions follow after, if not billions – they forgot to make Jesus their Lord.  And the results?  1. Very little fruit. 2. very little power. 3. very little miracles 4. sinning all over the place.  Which all equals disaster.  So get this fixed ok?  Keep asking the Lord your one and Only Teacher (maybe man can help a little here and there but only the Lord can give you the complete and correct answer with understanding.

On that note:  look up Howard Pittman and his after death experience and back.  His visitation was specifically for the cracking of this “Laodicean Church Age” a “Great Falling Away” age where God directly teaches Howard what it means to make Jesus your Lord your rules of life.  (i.e. many Christians do good works but they don’t do it for the Lord, rather they do it for themselves.  Or many have gone the way of the Pharisee, and essentially most of Israel (see the book of Romans) and follow a bunch of religious rules trying to justify themselves to God while pushing away God personally, hence throwing out faith while cutting out many verses of the Bible.  Or like a huge movement in the USA, they followed the doctrine of Herod, became infected by the yeast of Herod, so then therefore they cut out many more verses while claiming they had (a flesh based often) emotionalized faith or belief experience while denying Jesus’ commands of the New Testament so they could go pursuing the happiness of their flesh hart, maximizing their lives in the flesh, instead of living for the Kingdom, instead of dying to sin, instead of obeying Jesus, therefore sinning all over the place, becoming workers of iniquity, on the fast track to the pit.

The videos below:

This is very interesting research by Michael Lake into the concept of preaching the Kingdom.  He finally comes in line at the point in this series with the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament (which is any verse stated in a command style or command style:  See our work at Do the  As of this typing we have the verses extracted out and explanations (in proof reading process) version 1.  Learning these commands and turning them into your new beliefs is very helpful and a must read and do for you.)

Because in order to make Jesus your Lord, which is 1/2 of the sinners prayer is it not? you must understand what Jesus is Lord actually means.  Most according to man made doctrinal trickery do not have any idea whatsoever what Jesus is Lord means.  In fact most are taught against making Jesus their Lord, taught against obeying Jesus commands saying obeying Jesus is  ‘works salvation’ (as some sort of twisted concept they claim in their panic to justify their continually sinful practices).  The folks who have been controlled by this doctrine do not even understand themselves what Jesus is Lord is and cant not name more than one command and aren’t even sure about that one while cutting Matthew 28 19-20 in half (or more sinister, they do understand and are trying to keep you out of the Kingdom, therefore out of Heaven, therefore out of salvation…).

Matthew 28:19-20  19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

It is utterly critical that you plainly read the Bible, the WHOLE Bible over and over and over to know the Word. It is utterly critical that you ask your One and Only Teacher what things means in the Bible.  For no man can be your teacher! Do you understand this?    The Lord certainly can speak through teachers, preachers, parents, pastors etc  but you are to ONLY follow Jesus the Lord.  Think about that.  Ask the Lord what that means.

On that note:  Here is Michael Lake.  Just listen.  You don’t need to follow him or join a movement or go with all he has to say. Don’t follow man.  Don’t follow man made doctrines. Follow Jesus.  Yet we can listen to others and hear what they have to say, and the Lord speaks to us through them,  then great.   On the other hand, as one stops trying to follow man looking for man to be their lord, they will also tend to stop slandering, judging and criticizing those who bring an expression of the Word, a research report etc thereby committing sin, even treasonous sin to the Kingdom yourself.

He has some very good things to say about understanding the Kingdom.  He talks about we better obey the King of the Kingdom or we’re in big trouble.  He covers how to walk and behave and obey the rules of the Kingdom so you can be a citizen of the Kingdom.     Plus he talks about speaking in tongues without the fire and how one’s speaking in tongues may not be the real thing but a counterfeit, which is very interesting and troubling at the same time.

That’s about this on this article.  It went on longer than I thought although I could spin out a couple books on the topic.  Maybe I should…

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