Post Election Update – Patience! Their Hearts Must Be CRUSHED…

Their Hearts Must Be CRUSHED

 I was inquiring about what’s going on post-election. As I mentioned before I’m the kind of guy who wanted to see dominance, all 50 states red.   In fact though, I am hearing now that they actually were ALL RED from different reports. 

And what you are seeing now is the ultimate sting operation.  Homeland Security triple layered marked real ballots so they can differentiate them from fake ballots.  There are many many layers of security implemented. There are many traps set.  In fact, the fake voting was so blatant that you have to wonder if we are watching a play, a movie, since cheating was SO OBVIOUS (or WWF WWE wrestling… which is one association of the term “Cofefe” as linked to Melania’s home country’s languages as per a report at one time explaining cofefe.  The other definition I heard was that cofefe was linked to something of clever sabotage of the really bad bad guys).    And just because they got away with it over the past, as reported, 100 years or so; we’re in the new Kingdom Age now! And good becomes good again. And bad becomes bad again.

Patience grasshopper!   December 21st is the first target.  Pace yourself.  Turn off the news.  Spend time with God instead.  Try to avoid the wicked right now.  You don’t want their army of demon pals to incite you into sin.  Demons are highly skilled at getting you to disobey Jesus’s commands of the New Testament (see side bar).  Let the wicked soak and bask in their wickedness, their ‘glory’ of their fake victory; the more they take it in, the more they will be CRUSHED as the truth starts coming out, crushed not to be mean but to wake their tail up so they seek God and get saved! 

You on the other hand start smashing the enemy in the spirit realm.  Destroy the entire second heaven.  Tear it to shreds.  How?

  1. Praising & Worshiping God loud and hard.  Make a joyful NOISE to the LORD.  Even if you have to yell, moan, sound like a wild animal, sound like the worst singer ever or even stomp your feet, play “drums” on your desktop to God – it all counts just as long as it is for God and it sends missiles through the second heaven where the enemy is and does other significant damage.   Remember that God has to experience everything on an individualized basis with billions of humans and His heart is hurt since Lucifer’s mess and then the fall of man.  Help give God’s heart a boost!!
  2. Decreeing and declaring starting with the statement “God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”  “God’s will be done in the United States of America as it is in Heaven”.
  3. Intercessory prayer.  Pray for those who are following the wicked that they wake up and repent immediately, and be saved.
  4. Send the Host of Heaven to completely obliterate every single structure, platform; to shred the enemy and throw all they encounter out into a dry place so they will be off planet awaiting the Day of Judgement.  See posts:

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This setup had to be in order to show the world, to START showing the world, unraveling arguably 6000 years of the age of man (as man was tricked into giving up his authority to Lucifer and kingdom of darkness agents…) on planet earth.  As of 2012 that 6000 year lease is up.   Now we are in the Kingdom Age where Kingdom Rises Against Kingdom ( Matthew 24:7 ) and the Kingdom of Heaven has been invading Earth in the spirit realm.  So cool.  And if all of this sounds wild and crazy to you, go watch some Heaven & Hell visitation videos – you’ll wake up real quick;  Start with Howard Pittman, then go onto Kat Kerr, go watch all of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural videos from his Youtube channel over time – you certainly want to learn because you, we don’t want to miss out on what seems like a technicality as many, rather most of those Hell and Heaven visitation videos talk about.)

Trump  had a record number of votes even at a two-to-one margin to the bad guys.  On the other hand it is hard to believe that anyone would even vote for the dark side but a lot of people who don’t know God and are clueless about prophecy, who are clueless about the difference between good and bad, construction vs destruction, positive emotions and their related actions vs. negative emotions and their related actions,  are really cynical just want the whole turbulence, The Storm, to go away and “be like before”.  So what I’ve seen is that they figured that if they go back to the bad guys, that everything will calm down and they can just go back to their normal broadpath lives.    Well too bad, so sad.   Time to wake up buttercup.    Time to get right with God and get your tail in the Heaven while working for the Kingdom of Heaven while you are here on Earth in addition to learning how to become a citizen of Heaven through the reprogramming of your soul unto The Obedience of the New Testament, Jesus  commandments of the New Testament. 

And really for those of you who just want all the turbulence to go away you can cut out most of that by stopping listening to fake news.   Fake news can be compared to the Sirens of Odysseus –   they will lure you in and dash your soul upon the hidden rocks beneath.  Do not explore evil because it will suck you in and consume you!  Possess you!  Ever see the example of “Parallax” in the movie, “Green Lantern”, the “guardian” who wanted to study the emotion of fear and ‘master it’ – well he got sucked in and owned by fear instead, possessed by it and dominated by it, becoming that hideous devourer of planets called “Parallax”.  Faked news has already done this to many.  Even Kat Kerr has mentioned how she encountered various people she knew personally, who used to live for God but are now so sucked in through fake news, they do nothing but hate and war against God.   Understand how emotions and spirits work and learn how to better avoid trouble.

Listen to  Howard Pittman’s videos and get his books about the secrets of the 2nd heaven and how heavily the demonic strategize against you – it’s utterly shocking (and disgusting).  Also go through all the Kat Kerr videos on our play list of over 100 videos telling you about Heaven mostly and things of how the enemy in the 2nd heaven demonic realm works against you.

So as I inquired about what’s going on I was told to relax and be patientDon’t worry about a thing because everything is going to be alrightGod’s got this under control and you need to watch the Masterpiece Theater play out before your eyes“Their hearts must be broken.  Their hearts must be utterly crushed…” is what I heard, implying for their good, for their wakeup call.

God’s concern is the reclaiming of his lost children.  So in order to wake them up He’s got to shake and shutter them (so they don’t have to shake & BAKE later!).   And if you think about the decades of mind and heart programming by the kingdom of darkness that we all had to endure through schools, TV, movies, music, news, media in general all compounded by other humans parroting the same junk,  thinking ‘ that’s just the way it is’ –  we all need quite a wake-up call One Way or Another.  

Tip: if you don’t know what to say, get some duct tape and put it over your mouth.   Do not agree with the enemy.  Do not speak in fear.  Do not speak anything related to a negative emotion.  These are dangerous times for your mouth!  Every idle word will be judge.  Every word against the Kingdom of Heaven, prophets, God or other believers will be counted as spiritual treason (as mentioned by Mark Taylor many times).  Yes it will be hard.  But these are times of testing and learning too.   Heed my tip!  It will help.  Talk about positive things.  Talk about cupcakes, fluffy bunnies, fun, positive, good things.  Don’t engage in conversation with an evil person because right now, most are likely heavily controlled by demons, yes, literal demons trying to bait you into a fight, trying to bait you into sinning so you empower them, as they eat your negative emotions, words and the negative energy given off from your negative, sin, words and actions.    Become a master of turning conversations positive, off decisive things and or become a master at avoiding conversation where the maximum you speak is “yes” or “no”.  If trouble makers try to insult you for not being baited into their traps and tricks, let them stew in that mess, and let their words pass right on by – don’t hold them in your heart, let their wicked words pass on by like a … fart!  lol

See Category: Mark Taylor Prophecies

This is about the salvation of souls so “suck it up buttercup” as that expression goes and be ready to share the Good News of God, the New Testament. Walk in the Light.  Make sure you are obeying Jesus Commands of the New Testament (see the side bar for lists)  so the love of the Father and Jesus may abide in you and then therefore shine through you. Remember that it is the love of God which provides your greatest witnessing impact.

So this is about mercy.   This is also about introducing God back to the world so the world knows that God exists and that He is the one and true and Only God there is: Father –  Son – Holy Spirit.  God is ONE.



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