Polio Faked. Caused by Lead Arsenic Poisoning… Not Virus. Another Vaccine Scam

Causes lesions on spinal chord.  Others said polio caused by DDT.  Polio caused by Heavy metal poisoning.  See video below. 

Have the Flu?  Probably from a Flu Shot.  Have HPV? Probably from your flu shot or other injection.  HPV “virus” is fake, never identified, AIDS same etc.  So Sounds Like there is a Chemical or Heavy Metal Poisoning Associated with AIDS, HPV, Herpes, Polio etc etc etc . AND OR a Lack of a Mineral Usually and or a Particular vitamin.  For Example:  AIDS Has Been Associated for Quite a While as a Selenium Deficiency.  Zika from pesticide in the water causing small heads.

What’s the Name of that World, Ruled by Superman Enemy “DarkSeid?  Apokolips ok I looked it up.   This is the Planet that Came to Mind, Since we Have this New Secret Space Program, to Send All MD Doctors, Their Nurses, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Companies,  All of Their Employees, and All that Endorsed and Promoted them like : WHO, UN, CDC, FDA … Send them Their,  They’ll Get along with DarkSeid just great.  After all, According to Various Prophets, the Dark Side gets One More Crack at Raising their Anti-Christ for a 7 Year Tribulation – Hopefully that Will be in 1000 Years at Least and DarkSeid gets One More Crack at Conquering Earth, Turning Most all the Population into Demon Possessed Cyborgs After They Take the Mark of the Beast…


Not intended to be health advice, just food for thought.  See medical disclaimer below.  Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable  non satanic health care provider.

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