Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines are Pharmakeia Sorcery Which Trick You into Death, Sickness, Destruction and Maybe Now… Eternal Death

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Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines are Pharmakeia Sorcery Which Trick You into Death, Sickness, Destruction and Maybe Now… Eternal Death – How?

But Wait There’s More… Pharmakeia Trickery Illusionary Sorcery is How the Nations Are Deceived into Destruction in Revelations 18 Which You Could Argue is Happening RIGHT NOW.

These are bold statements are they! Most people don’t understand health and how the body works. They don’t understand nutrition. They don’t understand biology. They don’t understand biochemistry. They don’t understand body functionality. They are understand chemicals, metals, heavy metals and drugs and what they do. They’ll understand the effects of not getting your daily essential nutrients. these folks insist that it’s the healthcare industry’s job to figure everything out. Unfortunately the healthcare industry has been overtaken by literal Satanists many decades ago.

Another problem is usually people have other things to do and they don’t want to work feel they have the time or energy to going research all of these various health topics. And most people usually don’t have much of an interest in researching health until they have their first health crisis. If they survived their first health crisis they usually get a lot more interested and trying to fix their health and make sure there habits promote great health instead of prior destructive health.

A lot of people grew up around others who were basically good trustworthy people. They don’t understand that there are bad people out there in real life and not just on TV.  Some people refuse to believe that someone especially so universally revered by media and then society could be someone who could ruin your life, maim you or even kill you while collecting all sorts of fees all along the way.

How is it Sorcery?

  • it’s trickery  “medicine” that’s not medicine. It does nothing to heal you but only trade more problems. This goes for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and the like. Now many of these especially the older versions may have been better at catching up systems but since they are isolates they usually cause various problems in the body that can cause multiple other problems in the body.
  • And modern times pharmaceuticals and especially vaccines and become more destructive. And vaccines they are putting all sorts of hideous things like animal parts and aborted baby parts in the vaccine. Researchers say that they are attempting to change our DNA while also attempting to have us “crave human flesh” in order to become cannibals, Canaanites, like Cain etc. like them.  Heavy metals calls all sorts of terrible problems in the body even increasing the ability for bad bugs to proliferate at as one researcher said, hundreds of thousands of times faster versus not having those heavy metals – heavy metals such as mercury,  lead and then aluminum plus others.
  • The end goal for modern allopathic M.D. medicine is the elimination of humanity or at least to change the DNA to a point where humans are no longer considered human and they are controllable.

ODD TV Did an very good job on this topic.  See the video below.  Here is the rest of his channel where I see a lot of interesting educational videos on topics related to now. 

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