Pfizer Vaccines – Yeah – They Killed My Dog. Poor Girl…

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Pfizer Vaccines – Yeah – They Killed My Dog. Poor Girl… And You Want them Sticking You with What?

Not too long ago the veterinarian said that my dogs had to get vaccinated and they needed this new Pfizer multi concoction vaccine so it could “knockout a lot of diseases at once”.

Unfortunately the only thing it knocked out was my dog. The day after taking that vaccine the dog started falling apart stop being able to walk and while just completely breaking down.  Within a week she was dead.  It was really sad.

And now these guys are making a rushed vaccine for billions of people?  Yeah right. 

The other dog was fine but that dog was able to eat paint onions and chocolate and still live in just be fine.  Maybe that dog was part goat.  Actually maybe that dog was more spiritually a goat because she chewed up part of my Bible! 

Anyways now you have Pfizer vaccines out there they were saying all sorts of hideous reports to people getting HIV from them although that may be another vaccine in Australia to people getting sick, falling apart, going into intensive care and dying.  Do your own research but I thought I’d mention it.

Many knowledgeable healthcare professionals who are actually successful in healing and curing people overtime have mentioned that vaccines are a complete scam and do not help whatsoever. But what they do is that they enable the nefarious allopathic satanic sorcery pharmakia MD community  (see Revelation 18 – check the interlinear Bible for original words and Strong’s concordance look ups) to inject whatever they want into to your body.  And various researchers and reporters have now stated that by being able to gain access to your body through injection they can inject all sorts of toxins that can do various nefarious things, heavy metals to cause all sorts of problems in the body while increasing the power of a pathogen by hundreds of thousands of times in speed of multiplication, viruses to cause future diseases and so on.  And in fact many researchers are not exposing that is the vaccine is that actually put viruses is a ticking time bomb into your body so they can give you more vaccines in the future in understand fashion.

Instead as Linus Pauling has famously quoted, “all modern diseases can be linked back to a mineral deficiency.” And because the bad guys over time have corrupted our foods depleting it our foods by up to 95% of their minerals on average while pushing and inserting refined sugar, and refined salt both of which are corruptible drugs of hideous proportions, while refined flour and genetically corrupting our foods loading them with other  proven cancer-causing and other disease causing chemicals we start to get a picture of what’s going on.   

And arguably most people in the USA are mineraly deprived. And being so sets a person up for various diseases which then if they go on to get Satan MD treatment they will go and cause further destruction in the body because all the dark side can do are things related to dark side of emotions and actions which are to kill steal and destroy.  That’s just what they do.

So there are a few agendas of pharmakia sorcery MD allopathic medicine

  1. Make people sick so they can be treated over and over for profit.
  2. Make people sick and claim that only you have the cures by preventing education on what actually and simply works in preventing and curing disease while using a collusive media and satanically controlled government branches to slander various health methods that actually work, slandering various nutrients scaring people away from them so that they can control the people.
  3. And now were learning that not only do they want to control people and profit off them they want to exterminate them with the goal of 90% population reduction which is murdering what 7 billion people much of which they call “useless eaters”.

M.D. doctors nothing personal.  I grew up in the industry. I almost joined your ranks yet was saved by the grace of God. It’s time to take back your industry and start healing people. Return to God. Start researching the power of herbs and how they can actually harmoniously and comprehensively heal without side effects or very minimal side effects.  Learn how the human body functions particularly, the lymphatic system in coordination with the kidneys and the other lymphatic draining zones.  Stop cutting out people’s organs because someone told you that your it was useless especially lymph nodes!  Stop giving people obese fake medicines that end up blowing 10 more holes in them.  

You know you’re being used by the system and the system is profiting while turning you into slaves, while making your job harder and harder, while paying you less and less, while threatening you for this and that including legal action for any little mess up.  Take your industry back.  Actually heal people.  And may your profits increase for doing so as the corrupt medical establishment system is replaced. 

As NESARA is rolled out you will have access to all sorts of awesome technology where you could look forward to actually helping people heal and become whole.  But if you’re still not going to be able to get around original design of the body, God’s design, the understanding of God’s foods and herbs for healing people. Stand up now and take back your industry from the kingdom of darkness lord’s Ba’al MD medical system ( look at a Baphomet statue stomach and you’ll see!)

In regards to these “elites” who want to exterminate 90% of the population:  What do they think is going to happen after the end of their life?  These people like to think they’re smart but they’re not very smart whatsoever. They have not thought about God Almighty and the concept of heaven and hell. They have not thought about what happens to them after this brief life in the the flesh.   And as many and as many hell and heaven visitation testimonies show, the these people are in for a most hideous grew some ever repeating surprise unless they repent and turn to Jesus their Maker.  Remember nothing was made that has been made without Jesus.  Jesus steps outside of the Father to make will the Father says. wising up and repent!  Yes even you moved on the most hideous sins can repent. Cry out to God and asked for mercy.  Do not go to hell there is no escape no matter what Lucifer and his Associates tell you – then why would you think that they are telling you the truth??  Get some logic. Be smarter. Turn to God.  Yes he actually loves you too! Come home prodigal son, come home…….

Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as those who like to pretend that there is no accountability for what is done in this life. God Almighty makes the rules and the rules are in the Bible.Those rules are associated with good emotions and their consequent actions. 

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