People Perish for Lack of KNOWING the Bible

“My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge”

You’ve Heart that Verse Used Over and Over Likely, from the Bible but Consider this: People perish for lack of knowing the Word of God.

A hideous mistake we humans can make is to insult something or throw it off because we don’t understand something.   Mocking can happen if one hears something from the Bible they don’t understand, where that something makes them uncomfortable or bursts a certain happy bubble in the flesh in which they are abiding.

One will never know this unless there parents teach them or their grandparents or… They read the Bible looking to obey what the Bible says. And for most people it takes realizing that we will be held accountable for everything in the Bible to have that wake-up call to go after and aggressively start reprogramming their mind in their hearts to get in sync with God’s word. And speaking of mocking something because you don’t understand it or just in general you can read Proverbs and Psalms and those books will give you a wake-up call. It’s a very bad thing to be a mocker although easy to do. It’s a very bad thing to be a gossiper talking about other people but it’s very easy to do. It’s a very bad thing to be a man pleaser, to fear man, which is a big snare, but it’s easy to do.

People Perish Eternally from Being too Lazy or Afraid to Pick Up the Bible and Read the Bible Over and Over Again, Seeking to Get to Know what God Says and while Seeking to Get to Know God Better…

Did You Know that We Are to be Taught By God?

How Are You Going to Be Able to Recognize Who is from God, Who is Speaking Words from God if You Don’t Know the Nature and Character of God as He Reveals to Us from His Word?

Jesus says He is your One and Only Teacher.  Yes He teaches us through Holy Spirit and Jesus receives from God the Father.  God is One. John reminds us that we need not any man teach us but we have the anointing within to teach us in the anointing comes through Jesus, that is his gift to us when we are born again as Kat Kerr was shown in the spirit realm.

All Yeast Infected Denominations And Religions Need To Do To Prevent You From Getting Into Heaven is Keep You From Reading the Bible Over and Over in Volume While Getting You to Think that You Don’t Need to Obey the New Testament Implying that Jesus is Just ‘a Nice Teacher with Nice Sayings’ Instead of Your Lord, Your Master, Your Super Boss…

Understand That God Wants You To Yearn For Him Personally. He Is Your Maker. He Is Your Father. He Wants To Be Your Friend.  He Wants You to Get to Know Him and His Vastness Which is Primarily Done through Getting to Know the Bible, the Word of God But Also Directly in Conversation and Prayer.

Shocking discovery! Christians are now learning that salvation comes from obedience of the New Testament and not just saying a sinner’s prayer as a variety of heaven and hell visitation people of letting people know that there are lots and lots of Christians in hell because they were workers of lawlessness, hypocrites, those who beat the service and hung out with the drunkards, those who do not put Jesus is scenes in the practice of built their house upon the sand…  It’s scary stuff!

But then again the New Testament already stated this. So what’s the problem? For a lot of people maybe it seems to be a daunting thing to be a doer all of the New Testament. Also you have so many denominations and religions and try to “make it easy” for people to get into heaven which was their sales pitch and which ultimately ended up arguably keeping people out of heaven. 

You know were also busy with life going to and fro doing this and that that we just simply put the most utterly important thing we need to do on the back burner!  And that’s not very smart at all is it. After all our eternity is on the line salvation first and then rewards or lack thereof following.

And one elderly tip I can give you – all of your feelings and emotions about doing things for God, reading your Bible, growing the Kingdom will usually be against you.  That’s part of the challenge!  That’s part of the challenge of trust that we step through our fleeting emotions and simply trust God enough to just do what He says.  After all, we all don’t really know what were doing at all!  We can pretend we know what we are doing and we may make stuff up but only God knows how to do things right.  He is our Good Father who looks out for our best.  So as smart kids, we’ll do what our Daddy says.  After all this is His reality and we are His creation.  This is His universe. God makes the rules. So therefore therefore if we are smart then we will find out what these rules are and will look to obey them.  “if we obey everything will be okay”, God the Father told Kat Kerr.

Know the truth the truth will set you free. Do the truth and get into Heaven.  Sometimes we just have to rip off the Band-Aid dive in and deal with the problem.  move fast and break things in order to fix them correctly, break the strongholds of erroneous believing and thinking and reprogram our minds.

John 3 “31 “He who comes from above is above all. He who is from the earth is from the earth and talks from an earthly point of view; he who comes from heaven is above all. 32 He testifies about what he has actually seen and heard, yet no one accepts what he says! 33 Whoever does accept what he says puts his seal on the fact that God is true, 34 because the one whom God sent speaks God’s words. For God does not give him the Spirit in limited degree — 35 the Father loves the Son and has put everything in his hands. 36 Whoever trusts in the Son has eternal life. But whoever disobeys the Son will not see that life but remains subject to God’s wrath.”

  1. There is a difference between reading the Bible to know about the Bible vs. getting to KNOW the Bible.
  2. Getting to KNOW the Bible is a MAJOR relationship building process with God.  It’s just how it is.  You may not see this unless you start VOLUME reading the Bible MULTIPLE times per year!
  3. If you KNOW, get a KNOWING of the Word of God, like you would a best friend (say from grade school or high school – because it seemed like most of us were better at making friendships or best friendships back then) then you will be able to:
    1. Recognize God’s voice
    2. Recognize God’s character in a thing, in a movement, in a preacher, in a prophet.
    3. Understand the Bible!   All of those mystery verses and scary sounding verses will now start to make sense and those verses will coordinate with the rest of the Bible.
  4. As you probable know by now, denominations have been infiltrated for centuries, many would say most of them.  That said, there are many many denominations out there that most of us do not know.  But the big ones, most consider those denominations to be kingdom of darkness infiltrated and or having major yeast infections (pharisee (rules based, man made rules, twist the scriptures to fit in their yeast infected doctrines, loves to control people, loves to be in a position of ‘authority’ and ‘honor’, lacks power, denies Holy Spirit) or Herod (liberal flexible about sin, hides what sin actually is, doesn’t like the concept of obedience, honors and accepts other gods, are passive, are luke warm, are worldly, with no dying to self, they are not much into being genuine, are into emotionalities, are into fakery, have no problem making up lies, just making up stuff in the pulpit, have now problem saying “this means this” “this says that” when they have no idea what they are talking about, want to “have the best of both worlds” the world in this realm and the Kingdom of Heaven ignoring that the Bible says if you’re a friend of the world then you are an enemy of God, tries to entrap people into sin, follows the world, signed the demonic contract of the 501.c.3, is into Jezebel or Pharisee style control ).  Both yeast infected factions tend to HATE the genuinely born again, those who are obeyers of Jesus who look to obey all of the New Testament which is a Book of the Commands of Jesus, God’s “rules of relationship” for you.
  5. And by not knowing the Word of God you’re EASY picking for the demonic kingdom of darkness workers.   Did you know that the demonic specifically target getting you to disobey Jesus’s commands of the New Testament (which is any verse said in a command style or an implied command style in the entire New Testament)?   Why?  Because if you are disobeying Jesus, that means you are obeying Sin and Satan.  Whomever you obey is your lord and master.  And your lord and master is your owner.  And the one that owns you gets to keep you after this life in the flesh.  
  6. As you get to know the New Testament you’ll start to see with your inner eyes, (get understanding) what the “meat of the word” is, which is the Commands of Jesus, which is the difference between right and wrong.  And when you  learn the difference between right and wrong you can stop getting punked by the kingdom of darkness; you can stop being mis-lead by any man or woman’s speaking or writing. 
  7. Knowing the Word of God brings LIBERATION.   You need to be liberated from thoughts and beliefs of destructive concepts, commands of the ways of the kingdom of darkness, the ways of Sin and death.  The duality is set.  We must choose right from wrong to live.  We must choose daily, even moment by moment to make Jesus our Lord instead of Satan.  And unfortunately, most of us were heavily programmed into sin beliefs by growing up in this world, through society , education, media, others in a compounding way. These beliefs that sin is good in any way shape or form can be embedded deep within the layers of our soul.  (See the lists of 666  Sins of the Bible from our right side menu on this site you can download and start learning right away so you can identify these sin belief and eradicate them from your soul by taking an axe to the root of that sin belief. Belief in sin brings death, belief that the sin is good, that it is ok or something you can get away with.  Get rid of it.  Now go on and install, program all of Jesus’ commands, yes the entire New Testament into you thereby believing in every verse….
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