People Are Getting Healing Watching This Video!

People Are Getting Healing Watching This Video!

Ready to go deeper? Check out Candice Smithyman’s powerful resource, Think Like an Angel!
▶▶Think Like an Angel [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Think Like an Angel [Digital Download]:

Candice Smithyman shows how you are a walking portal of God and heaven’s gateway to what the world needs now! You’re more awesome than you think!

Memo to Self: I Am a Citizen of Heaven
Seer Candice Smithyman says you really can live out your identity in Jesus. Just think like Heaven thinks, and do not turn your back on who you are. Her new book, Releasing Heaven, is meant to redefine your identity as it:

• Establishes your confidence in your identity as a citizen of Heaven
• Empowers you to release miracles out of Heaven’s dimension
• Imparts principles of inheritance to use daily
• Teaches you how to boldly release Heaven’s resources for yourself and others

Candice takes it a step farther on her CD, Living in Heaven on Earth. If your Heavenly Father sees you as co-heir in Messiah, why not agree with Him? Candice says you must live out of God’s perspective and tune out any other voices! She even walks you through a royal banquet to mark the occasion of being seated with Jesus at Heaven’s table.

Candice also asks if you are ready to work with God’s angels. As a seer she is familiar with the workings of angels. Her 10-session masterclass, Angels on Assignment, is loaded with insight! That includes:

• How angels help you fulfill God’s call on your life
• How to activate and participate with God’s angels
• How angels bring things from Heaven to Earth
• How angels respond to the Word of God
• How to work with angels, even if you can’t see them
• Different types of angels, including your guardian angel
• How angels help you fight your spiritual battles
• How to use the scrolls of Heaven to activate the angelic
• What Fire angels are and what they do
• How to work with Fire angels

Candice also prays for the release of angelic activity in your life to bring supernatural breakthrough, provision and healing.

▶▶Think Like an Angel [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Think Like an Angel [Digital Download]:

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