Pay No Attention to Opposition – It’s a Nehemiah Time!

Aha!  That’s it!  It’s Nehemiah Time!  Have You Been Waiting and Waiting and Waiting Thinking that Everything Was Supposed to Have Been Cleared Out at Least a Couple Years Ago?

So we waited and waited for the Internet to become freed, for the removal of the crooks out of government and the financial systems and so on… Didn’t most of us think we were supposed to wait? We’re we supposed to wait until everything was right?

Well Nehemiah, he was a tough guy.   He rallied his non wimpy people who were willing to go “punch the enemy in the face” if they messed with his crew in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

One thing a lot of us have learned over the years is that:

  1. Yes there are bad people.  Could bad people change in the future?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But people who are bad are chronic doers of bad.  They look to steal, kill and destroy in action and in word.   They are the Win/ Lose types where they want to win but it’s not a win for them until you lose also.   One could argue that all of us have been bad people at one point or another.  But times up for being bad.  Times up for those who are corrupt.  (Mark Taylor Prophecy).  ‘Judge yourself or you will be judged in the days ahead’ – (Kevin Zadai said the Lord told him this.
  2. There is no appeasing bad people, people who align themselves with badness.  If you give them an inch they will take a mile.  I’ve had lots of experience with this type.  In fact I hae been surrounded by this type my whole life.  Sometimes this comes out of people “just trying to be competitive” but although we can be competitive, we are told to think of others better than ourselves; we are told to look out for the best of others; we are told to put others ahead of ourselves; we are told to look out for others and help lift them up and encourage them from the New Testament.  We are definitely not told it is ok to lift ourselves up while destroying and robbing someone else.   As you have been seeing the past 4 years bad people, badness won’t stop.  Their god is their belly.  Their god is Sin the “antigod”, the creature lying crouching in the corner waiting to have you, waiting to consume you, waiting to own you. (Ever see the movie “Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds and the “Entity of Fear” which the “Guardian” got sucked into then became “Parallax” that octopus looking thing that sucked the souls, the life force out of people to grow bigger and bigger until he/it started consuming whole planets?
  3. Like I said, if you lenient to bad people they will take more and go further until they destroy YOU.  They will try to control everyone and make them their slaves  because no one likes them, no one want’s to be around them because they just don’t stop doing bad things.  They think it’s ok to do bad and that you should agree with them.  They are possessed and controlled by badness.  They are owned by badness.  They do badness’s bidding as badness, the antigod “Sin” seeks to gain more power, more energy, more souls so it can grow like parralax and consume the universe.  Not kidding.  So are you going to let this infection of badness on the planet keep going?  You better not.  Unless you eliminate the infection and purge a disease, a parasite from your body, the parasite will grow and grow and grow, feeding off you until it consumes you as diseases do.  The same applies to the earth.  You can’t patch treat a problem like Satan MD does.  You must cleanse out the problem and regenerate into pure form as the successful health healers to to cure the problem.
  4. God is God.  He made the universe and keeps it all going.  He built the universe on sets of rules you can just call universal law. Scientist love to talk about universal law especially in mathematics and physics.   What God is established is right, righteous.  What God established are the universal rules, codes, structures, math, chemistry, physics etc upon creation, this universe is able to exist and not turn into a disastrous chaotic mess. If you break the universal law, rules, structures, ways of God then you are messing up the universe and the universe will not work well for you and around you.  Plus, if you’re breaking or want to break natural law, universal law, God’s law then you’re messing with God Almighty which is a very bad idea.
  5. God will fight for you if you obey His Word from what He has already written in the Bible and now through these prophets.  (but how are you going to know which prophet is right if you don’t know the Word?  Start reading the Bible 3 times to 5 times a year and be the cure for the earth! – see our volume Bible reading plans on the side bar.  Rise up. Obey God’s word.  Occupy the Earth until Jesus comes establishing Jesus rule and right on the Earth in the spiritual AND physical realm.  Get it done.   Free the inhabitants of the earth from evil, death and destruction.  Save the children.  Save the souls.  Save the earth. Bring glory to God.  And build massive eternal wealth in the process !  CHARGE! 

(End of my “speed commentary”. )


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