Patriotic Conferences Turned into Demonic Traps Making People Sick and Plagued with Evil Demons that Even Manifest Mark Taylor is Back

Mark Taylor Update - Post Election

Patriotic Conferences Turned into Demonic Traps Making People Sick and Plagued with Evil Demons that Even Manifest Mark Taylor is Back

Patriotic Conferences – In the Middle of a Self Spreading Bioweapon Attack Where the Vaxxed Can Shed On You Making You Sick and Even Kill You with Their Shedding,  Where Patriots Assemble Making Themselves Very Easily Targeted by The Wicked Who Are Armed with Some of the Most Advanced, Sneaky, Deadly, Murderous Weapons in the World, While Putting Themselves on a Registry List that Easily Becomes a Hit List, All in a Central Location that Can So Easily Be Poisoned by Bioweapons as One Actor, Genuine Patriot or Not Has Admitted Has Happened at His Conferences… And now Mark Taylor Confirms… Never Seemed Very Wise or Strategic to Me…

Patriots and their organized groupings, no matter how “courageous” they think they are is not wise in any sense.  Anyone can go to those meetings, including militant enemies, all while gathering your identities for targeting later.  Gathering identities from “stand with Trump” or whomever ads – are very likely to be your enemy collecting data on you.   You need to be smarter. You need to be more guerilla.   And on that note, question:  How patriotic are these events when they are put on for profit?  Lots of people are hocking a lot of stuff hot and heavy on these patriot sites, Christian sites, conservative news sites and a lot of others seem to be looking to build a name for themselves. While not wanting to be judgmental, I’ve see messages bent and things said that shouldn’t be said for the sake of trying to become more popular and trying to sell more stuff. 

For example, Mark Taylor, one of the most accurate and powerful prophets on the planet,  a genuine person and brother too, has a prophecy that warns doom and gloom preachers as being traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven and that their doom prophecies and preaching will be their doom.  These doom and gloom guys just don’t stop especially if they are hocking survival gear, survival food and the related.   There is nothing wrong with selling survival gear and food but if the message, especially in this critical point in time that goes out to people and into the spiritual atmosphere is negative and against what God is saying, then you’re working against God and aiding the enemy, thereby making yourself a traitor to the Kingdom of Heaven, and enemy of the Kingdom of Heaven, even if you think you’re putting out patriotic sounding messages or warnings for trouble avoidance.

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On top of that it’s very difficult to tell who is your enemy or ally.  Anyone vaxxed is your enemy since their presence by shedding or even by the frequencies they now exude can make you sick and even kill you.  Also, since they took in advanced body and mind possession weaponry, that can control their minds and their physical bodies and that also allow for, that open the door for demonic possession.  The vaxxed, unless the medbeds can cure them are gone and according to so many various reports, we may have to consider them, to the point, as zombies, or the walking dead; and hopefully that is a wrong statement, hopefully indeed. On the other hand, the evil tech the vaxxed took in, few have said, can actually be turned to be used as good where, for example, the grapheme oxide can then be tuned to heal them.  We will see. Hopefully that will be the case instead of 1.5 billion people dead as predicted by many.

An additional consideration is the new discovery of heavy radioactive emissions coming from the flooding of the DUMBS Deep Underground Military Bases and it’s supposed to be really bad; that would be from 10,000 bases in the USA and around the world all of which had nuclear reactors.  See this prior intel post. 

Mark Taylor is Back Listen to This Video



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