Patriot Events Getting Attacked by BioWarefare – Clay Clarke

We have already warned about this.  You’ve got to think more strategically.  And You’ve got to coordinate with the white hat military if you’re going to do events like this.  If you’re doing this for money, vanity or glory well, you make your self extra vulnerable.

On a financial channel it was mentioned that Anthrax was used on these Clay Clark rallies.  A bioweapon spray was also used on last years Jan 6 trap rally.  That Patriot Street Fighter Guy Mentioned that One or Some of His Events Were Poisoned. Past performance is possibly indicative of future results…   A Better Strategy is Needed.  

WOW! I learned tonight from an attendee of a Clay Clark Reawaken-America-Tour event disturbing news. These events host speakers to talk about the dangers of jabs and ‘rally the patriots’ to get out there and do something. He stated that DURING THE EVENT there was a mist, an odorless FOG coming down out of the CEILING. After the event the man has fallen ILL IN WAYS HE HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED. He is suffering from dizziness, coughing lack of oxygen and could barely get out of bed for 6 days. He knows at least 6 other close friends who attended that event who ALSO SUFFERED VARIOUS MALADIES this entire week. Others even wound up in the HOSPITAL with hard time breathing, some had weird rashes all over their bodies. He said that when the vapor was coming down, he went outside and saw several guys dressed in military looking garb (black ops kind of gear) hanging around outside. Please spread the word to people DO NOT ATTEND these events. It is looking like they are hitting them with some kind of weird bioweapon .



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