Pathetically Proper

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Alt News. Conservative News.  Pretend Reporters. Politicians… Trying to Behave and Sound “Proper” without Knowing Who Created this Definition of “Proper”.

Properness: What “They Say”.  What “Everybody Else is Doing”.  It’s the “New Fashion”.  It’s What they Do in Hollywood.  It’s What they Do in the Magazines.  It’s what the Rich and Famous Do.  It’s What the Media Doesn’t Mock.  It’s What People Don’t Insult.  It’s the Safe Thing.    It’s …. PATHETIC!

We’ve Been Bullied Around by “Properness”  too Long.   It’s Time to Expose it and Detox it from the Earth.

Can Anyone Acting “Proper” be Called a Scammer?  That’s Something to Start Observing.  In My Experience, that Is the Case Most of the Time or They Are Just Acting… Pathetic. This Planet Has Gotten to a Disastrous Point Because of “Properness” as Opposed to Being:  Straight Up.  Genuine.  Truthful.  Blunt. And Obedient to the New Testament Way of Acting, Thinking, Believing and Talking….

Back to topic: Alt News. Conservative News.  Pretend Reporters. Politicians… Trying to Behave and Sound “Proper” is Embarrassing.  Unless You’re Being Strategic, at This Point, Trying to Argue with Evil, Trying to Negotiate with the Enemy, Trying to Talk Politically Correct, Assuming that You Can Respect the Enemy’s Logic, Trying to Chase Every Trick and Trap the Enemy Says, Accepting what the Enemy Says as Something You Need to Argue with Rationally, Trying to Think and Hope that the Enemy is Good and Not Really Bad … Is We’ll Just Call it – Really Bad!

  • You don’t want to actually admit that the Bible says what the Bible Says and the Bible Means what the Bible Means.
  • You don’t want to acknowledge the laws of God, Old and New Testament are real and that they are universal laws.
  • You don’t want to admit that there’s a bunch of satanists out there headed up by the Synagogue of Satan who’ve likely been conned a long time ago into thinking that they are doomed and they need to “escape God”.  And likely, many who do not want to believe this “religion” are snared by the enticements of the flesh or fear of their “religious” families.  A similar concept applies to the various “Christian” denominations to the point that if you want to obey God, obey the New Testament, to genuinely want to walk with God, to abide in Christ, these religious then can start to hate you and want to destroy you.
  • You don’t want to admit you’re in war world.  You don’t want to accept the Bible in all it’s writings.  You don’t want to accept that we are in a fallen state from God. You don’t want to accept that this is a realm of testing.  And all times in the real, ALL TIMES are about spiritual warfare.  Some of the most tricky times can come in prosperity too.
  • It’s been 5 years.  Talking like you’re trying to have a rational argument with a bunch of Satanist who actually, really want to exterminate 7 billion plus humans, or rather all humans, while re-engineering the rest to be cyborgs, is… pathetic. 
  • There is no negotiation with evil.  They are the inverted opposite.  It is their nature.  Fallen angels, demons (which are the dis-embodied spirits of all the angel – human hybrids) are desperate and will do anything.  But they have no power over you unless you let them.  And they certainly have no power of your if you are a born again, new creation believer in Yeshua, God the Son.     They want to destroy you.  Yeah I remember the day that I firstly had to admit that there are bad people; I used to think everyone was good.  We can think that people are not bad they are just controlled by demons but they are bad because they are letting them self be controlled by demons.  They will destroy you overtly or very sneakily.  They will ruin your eternal life if you don’ t know and obey the New Testament, the meat of the Word, knowing the difference between right and wrong.
  • You will rule over evil or it will rule over you, to your destruction.
  • So what do you want to do?  Here are some suggestions:
    • Stop listening to the enemy of your body and soul.  Most people have no idea how the thought realm and the emotional realm work and how they can influence and control  you.  Not many understand the power of the spirit realm.   If you’re listening to main stream media, still… you’re listening to high level darkside sorcery, witch craft, voodoo, or whatever you want to call it, woo woo… infect your soul.  They know how to implant things in your soul especially when you’re not paying attention while listening to their garbage.  They’ve infected pretty much all media, even the wretched commercial.   If you don’t know what you are doing and you keep pursuing “entertainment” and “news” created by the darkside then you’ll be hooked by the nose led any which direction that the darkside leads you, like, to taking a shot that was designed to be the mark of the beast, and a depopulation shot at the very least.
    • Stop trusting man.  Many that we thought were good maybe bad.
    • Stop trying to work things out with the enemy.
    • Admit that the Bible is true.  Admit that the bad guys want to exterminate you, your family, your friends and especially your children in the most hideous way.
    • Call “Orkin” (DJT. Q. Military.)
    • Be only good.  Do only good.  Listen to only good. Speak only good.  Think only good.
    • Realize and admit that the type of “medicine” that has snakes in their symbol has NEVER EVER CURED ONE THING!  They only and ultimately make you sicker even though a lot of the times, since your symptoms were patched up, you may think they made you better, but their approaches have hideous long term consequences, as those in real health know.  So why are you listening to them?  Why do you go to them?  You may want to start looking into finding a true Naturopathic doctor instead – at least, the ones I’ve studied, look to honor God and His ways of curing and healing.
    • Repent:  in your food and drink:  Return to Genesis eating.  Look for foods of original design of God and try to eat those only.
    • Repent: in  your medicines:  God has supplied herbs for healing.  Who’s quoted as one of the greatest healers of all time?  Hypocrites (although modern times may have many more advanced healers).  And Hypocrites used what?  1. Common sense and logic.  2. God’s foods.  3. God’s herbs.   He required is students to ask their patients if they were willing to give up the thing that was making them sick first in order to be healed.   What makes us sick?  Sin.  Sin in eating.  Sin in thoughts.  Sin in what we speak.  The negative realm of emotions.   They all have a physiological impact on the body.
    • Stop being pathetic.  Get strategic.  Kick some tail.  Be strategic; don’t just ‘stand up’ foolishly. Be smart in what you say and when you say it.  Stand up smartly.  You’re to be as wise as serpent and harmless as a dove.  Start becoming strategic. Start becoming shrewd.  Rise up! This is the Kingdom Age.  Start rising up and take over the earth.  We are commanded to occupy till Jesus comes in the New Testament.  So… rise up Body of Christ!  Take over the Earth and occupy it until Yeshua returns.  Save the planet.  Save the people.  Save the children.  Save the animals too!
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