Pastors and Denominations You Are In Big Trouble – Mark Taylor Prophecy

Pastors and Denominations You Are In Big Trouble – Mark Taylor Prophecy

See the video below.  This is serious.

  1. Your doctrine and preaching has denied Jesus.  You have taken out the 2nd half of the great commission of Matthew 28.  You don’t know or preach the commands of Jesus from the New Testament, much less know Jesus had more than one command.
  2. You have signed a deal with the Devil with the 501.3.c  – Get out before it’s too late!
  3. Learn how to repent. Who teaches repentance these days?  Does anyone know exactly how to actually repent?  Is it “say your sorry” and that’s it? (see No it’s more, way more.  And it’s not just saying “I repent”
  4. Did you know that if you follow the ways of the world that you are following the commands of Satan?  That’s how it’s attributed to you.  Conversely, if you follow the commands of Jesus said by Jesus directly and expounded upon by His apostles, as they were commissioned to teach us at the end of Matthew 28, then you are following Jesus.  Following Jesus is obeying His commands, His sayings written in the Bible and to you in real time being led by the spirit. Get to Know Jesus voice for His sheep hear His voice.
  5. The level knowing of the Bible of denominational attendees is drastically low across the board.    Most sermons feed their congregations very little of the word then withhold till the following week.  There is very little training or enforcement of training amongst church members for knowing the Bible.  Doctrine has been twisted over and over to make for “easier ways” because people do not know get to know the full Bible.  How can you tell a counterfeit if you don’t know the real thing?
  6. Most pastors and Bible teachers do not even know the Bible due to a. denominational man made doctrine puts on filters in the way one reads the Bible, glossing over verses that do not fit withing their doctrine, their easier way.  b. They don’t read the Bible in volume over and over so they can’t comprehend the Bible because answers for the New to the Old are hidden through out from Old to New, New to Old, New to New and Old to Old Testaments.  c. They don’t enjoy the Word and try to read the Bible analytically in their flesh, trying to figure the Bible out in their flesh or to conveniently fit their easier way man made doctrine.  d. They don’t even know the basic words, the English words, of the Bible, what they actually mean.  They don’t know the basic English definitions.  They don’t know the Greek that is so excellently explained that you can easily access from sites like
  7. Get with the program.  Correct your doctrine.  Know the Bible, actually.  Learn the commands of Jesus of the New Testament which are every verse said in a command style or an implied command style.  Without obeying the commands you’ve got nothing.
  8. Understand this is very serious.  There is no “once saved always saved” as so popularly preach to appease the itching ears so you can grow your congregation and collect lots and lots of tithes, 501.3.c tithes on top of that.   The threat is the pit. The pit is Hell.  The THREAT IS HELL EVEN IF YOU SAID THE SINNERS PRAYER.  Are you willing to play with fire and ignore the prophecy below in addition to the numerous Heaven and Hell visitations testimonies and instruction?   If not.  Then get rid of all sins as defined in the Bible and start obeying Jesus commands, getting better at them one by one.  How do you accomplish this?  Work with the Lord!  Ask, Seek, Knock, Ask Seek Knock!  The Lord will help you.
  9. This will be A LOT of work and will take much courage.  But it’s worth it for sure!  You need to make your robes white in the blood of the Lamb.  You need to wash your feet so you can have part with Jesus again.
  10. So get this done.  Overcome!  Overcome what?  Sin!  YOU over come by WORKING, taking the effort to REPENT and OBEY working with Jesus every step of the way, working with Jesus personally because Jesus is your One and Only Teacher.  Only Jesus can teach you, reveal understanding on how to remove a sin or obey Him.  Stop denying Jesus by not believing Jesus.  How?  You don’t believe Jesus if you don’ t believe what He says.  He already warned you:
  11. You talk of relationships with Jesus.  But how can you have a relationship with someone if you keep breaking their rules of relationship all the time?  How can you have a relationship with someone if you keep personally offending them especially after they told you not to do this or that and you do it anyways??  Try that on your spouse and see what happens.
  12. Break your denominational doctrine easy way bondage.  Read the Bible and know the Bible.  Do what the command of the New Testament say. See this new list of commands Bible verses.   Get rid of all sin (see that list of 666 sins on this site and uninstall each one of these).

Pastors! Pay attention and act quickly. God is coming for you! Shake and quake in terror! Repent of your man made easier way doctrines! There is no once saved always saved!

And if you don’t repent quickly and turn your churches to target focused repentance: knowing what the sins of the Bible are, repenting out of all of them, discovering the “lost” commands of Jesus of the New Testament and finally learning how to follow Jesus by following, obeying His MANY commands of the New Testament… Well listen to the video – sounds scary!

And no to those that think that obeying Jesus is not “works salvation” (in that severely confused doctrine). You can’t do a thing in Christ without first obeying Jesus commands: you don’t love Him, Jesus and the Father’s love will not abide in you, you can’t produce fruit that counts and you are not His friend! The commands of Jesus are any verse said in a command or implied command style in the whole New Testament. Go start making your own list. I am almost finished with my comprehensive list you can have and will post it on

Hear Mark’s prophecy on the 501.3.c as well. You better come out of that abomination quickly! The USA has fallen apart because of those churches that have accepted the NWO Satanic agreement and countless souls have been lost because of it.

Find Mark Taylor’s Prophecies here and keep up to date with them:…

Who’s Mark Taylor? He is the one who had the detailed prophecy of Donald Trump becoming president in 2011 and was accurate every step of the way. But wait! There’s more! He is getting more and more next step prophecy for this end time’s harvest which had started at the election of Donald J Trump. Oh yes, the USA leads it. And we WILL WIN THE VICTORY!

But we can’t do squat until we become clean, pure, holy, repented out of sin completely. So it’s time for that.

How to Repent:

666 Sins of the Bible

Here are a couple commands lists while i’m finishing mine (which is almost done):…

That’s it for now. So wake up, get clean. Break out of your man made easier way doctrine trap that has blinded you, even to how you read your Bibles. And start reading the Bible, the New Testament in particular for what it says. Open up your heart’s to Jesus. Let His light blast the hard parts and dirt away. Settle things with Him and get back enjoying, loving, obeying, being taught by and led by the Lord through God the Holy Spirit. And let the Great Times Begin!



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