Part 2: Fooled through Slithering Tradition of Halloween

Part 2: Fooled through Slithering Tradition of Halloween

Now most of us have gone out trick-or-treating kids and so on and so forth. Growing up and even into adulthood were were  frequently shown  scary movies, concepts of death, dark spirits, witches, zombies, sorcerers, demons, ghost or mockeries of scary things over time. Often, and usually the presentation of such dark things were made to make them seem harmless or even “funny”.  

But as you get to know more and more about the reality of the spirit realm and that we are indeed in a “matrix” which is simply this 3D realm in these flesh bodies, you realize that things get really serious after we’re done in this realm.  The Darkside doesn’t want you to give much thought about what happens to you after you die because they know that all they need you to do is nothing.  All they need you to do is busy  yourself with the pursuits of this world enough so you’ll not make any time to pursue finding God and getting right with Him.  So one tactic is to make things of the dark, things of death seem like nothing, no big deal, funny even or even good.  These things such as Halloween are designed in my opinion for the most part by the Kingdom of Darkenss to desensitize you to the Dark side and Hell, or what happens after death if God the Son doesn’t redeem you. Because outside of the Age of Innocence you are doomed without the covering of the blood sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross for your sins.  Jesus, The Word, is your Maker, you were made through Him and nothing that is seen is made without Jesus.  You can’t escape your Maker and the Maker of all things.  Plus why would you want to escape Jesus?  He’s awesome and He loves you a lot!  But you must choose Him with the act of your will.  God will not make you choose Him.

I think maybe it would do a lot of people good to go watch some hell visitation videos, and ones hopefully the ones from God and not the ones from the Kingdom of Darkness. Doing so can wake you up big time to the realities of Hell.  You’ll never want to sin again!  But then again you have all sorts of scary verses in the New Testament that warn us about sinning and continuing and sin, yes even after you have been regenerated, born again from above.

But for the rest of world who has no clue about the word of God or even God the Son (accept lies and mockery), when they are desensitized towards things of death, the devil (who does not look like a red demon with a pitch fork but like a fair skinned dark hair European who is supposed to be really “beautiful” and all that Kat Kerr was shown him and the Lord did not melt Lucifer’s face like he did to other demons, principalities) then they think it’s all a big joke and that they don’t need to pay attention to what happens after they die. Most people end up in the pit because they don’t concern themselves about the concept of where you go after you die. They know deep down that they better get right with God but they choose not to because they would rather be lazy and believe lies. They are told that the afterlife and Hell it’s all a big joke and that everyone will go to heaven and that Hell is just a joke and demons and skeletons are actually friendly and ghosts are like Casper. But is not a joke. Because if the demons get a hold of you in Hell, at the center of where evil sin and iniquity have maximum power, they will rip you to shreds over and over for eternity. You experience death over and over for eternity from all sorts of torture.  Here are some more things that was mentioned in Hell visitation testimonies:  From being run through with Spears, chopped into pieces little piece by little piece, have your head lopped off over and over, burnt to a crisp over and over, eaten through by maggots and worms over and over, having snakes go in and out of every part of your body, stuck in a place where are you feel excruciating torture that lasts forever with no end. God doesn’t do this to you He just let you go follow after what you want to fall after. If you want to follow after God then obey Him; obey the New Testament. If you want to follow after Sin the “anti god” & Lucifer/Satan, then keep on sinning, keep on following the ways of the world, keep on following your flesh, keep on making your god your belly,  you will go to Sin and Satan’s home where their power is at the maximum to be used on you, forever.  God is not playing around.  He chose to clean up reality instead of erasing it all together so then therefore this is why God the Son had to come to reverse the works of Satan, the mess Lucifer made.

So maybe Halloween is not such a joke after all. Did you know that Satanists and witches etc call Halloween the “high holy day of the year” to honor Satan and the ways of the dark side?  Do you know how many humans, especially kids they sacrifice every year?  Go look that up.  That info is coming out now.  You’ll never want to fool around with things of darkness again.
Consider banning the entire holiday Nationwide. Get rid of it.  There are no rights for a murderous cult. Don’t be fooled as we have been in the past.  But on the other hand consider creating a new one on another day that celebrates life and the things of God: Dress up in costumes and so on and so forth but have costumes at Celebrate life and fun.  Go on now and start the new holiday.  Make it fun and appealing and a joy for kids so it catches on and promotes life and honors God. 
Okay so we have the solution. So I didn’t just complain about the problem as we usually hear… I provided solution; a solution that is better and can be a lot more fun without controversy. Because think of how many families enter into a conundrum, a strain, every Halloween where they have to explain to their kids why they don’t celebrate Halloween and so on or going against their conscience and celebrate it anyways.   Well it’s time to get rid of it and make a good one to replace it.

So in order to do this the truth about the Kingdom of Darkness and their followers  needs to be exposed. Once exposed the world will reject and flush the stool down the toilet.  I mean you’re going to have to take back the educational institutions and the government and the media and Hollywood from Satanists. Yes there have been and still are literal Satanists who run all of these things. That said God said he would be working with us to take these things back.  But go ask God what you can do or what you are supposed to do.

Understand now that we have entered the kingdom age and this is a very big deal. This is a new age on the Earth! This is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom as mentioned in Matthew Matthew 24:7. The Kingdom of Heaven has started to invade the Earth that has been dominated by the Kingdom of Darkness since man has let themselves be tricked into letting the Kingdom of Darkness tell them what to do and push them around (can we call ourselves a bunch of dopes because of that? (I’ll call myself one for letting that happen in my own life)). So let’s all repent which means to change what we believe in. Believe in God.  Let’s believe God and believe what He has said and is saying.  God wants us to have life and wealth. And let’s stop listening to Sin and Satan, who want us to be destroyed and die over and over and over again for an eternity, starved, barely able to breathe, always thirsty, always in misery, always surrounded by a hideous stench, always filled with fear and death, always being slaughtered and tortured… So…. Let’s choose life instead!!!!!!!

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