Ouch Hillary in Bible Codes Repent Hillary Fast!

Ouch Hillary in Bible Codes Repent Hillary Fast!

Look No one should be judging anyone.  We all need to repent heavily and make sure we are obeying the Lord and have repented verbally in the Name of Jesus and in our hearts of every sin in the Bible and laid upon our hearts by the Lord.  We need to obey all of Jesus commands and install them into our being.

Some of us were brought up well.  Others were brought up indoctrinated in error.  Others were brainwashed later into error.  We are all vulnerable especially these days unless we are walking super close with the Lord at all times and have retrained our selves in Jesus commands.

That said this video has Bible codes found associated with Hillary Rodham Clinton or at least the words are associated, chosen to associate with her.  The music in in circus music but please do not get judgemental about anyone, judging is bad news.

Hillary in Bible Codes

hc remove
hillary rodham clinton in Bible codes
joe b
m obama
to steal
dws booed
jb steal
joeb presi
roll call
hc remove

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