Organizations Exposed Trying to Change DNA and Track All Life Forms on Earth Trying to Make as in the Days of Noah Trying to Make All Humans Irredeemable and Destined for Eternal Damnation

Human Hybrids Can Not Be Saved – That’s Why All of the Earth Which Were Human Hybrids Except Noah Were Wiped Out. That’s Why if you Get the Mark of the Beast You Will be Dammed – Kevin Zadai

This lady grew up in the dark side and then was a FEMA operative.  She’s got all the docs that the bad guys published themselves.  It’s the repeating story: those sucked into the darkside probably most blackmailed or maybe they are demon possessed are actually trying to kill all man kind.  It’s the fallen angels and their demon underlings.   

Why?  Revenge and hatred of God since we are made in God’s image and likeness?  Sure.  To increase their ranks in the Lake of Fire thinking that they will become more powerful? Maybe.  Why so desperate to get rid of humans?

See around the 34 to 36 minute mark the “Stamping Out” movement instructions for the “stamping out” of humanity exposure. Doctors (Satan MD) actually get paid extra if they kill you.  We know they received $36,000 extra or so to report a death as COVID-19 instead of the actual cause. 

“When you submit to accepting Vaccine Your Are Legally Submitting to Your Own Execution and Doctors Get Paid More if You Die” – See Video – They Kill Millions Per Year.

Problem is with the mindsets of researches like these two is that although we appreciate their work certainly, they are also buying into Satan’s baloney. Satan’s’ job is to kill on the humans so they don’t become redeemed by Jesus. He can do that by tricking them into an early death. Tricking into doing things that leads them to an early death.  The point is they tend to only talk about the darkside, desperation, fear, doom and gloom, energizing it up, passing it along, charging it up without talking about God and His plan of a Heaven invasion to rescue the Earth at this point in time and begin the Great Harvest and the Greater Glory.  

All of these DNA related companies, all of these companies that talk about genetics, all these pharmaceutical companies, you can argue and even verify as you see in this video have bought in to Satan’s con job. They believe all sorts of stories and continually circulating nonsense of things like humans are “animals”, current humans need to be eradicated to make room for the new ‘root race’, all DNA of every living creature needs to be changed because then they can monetize lifeforms they “created” (in a similar way that serve excuse for craving for a pharmaceutical drugs that may patch up a problem while only 10 more holes opened in your body so you take 10 more pharmaceutical drugs that they create 10 more problems etc. for example).  So many people get interested, woo’d into, Pied Piper’d into ‘mystery darknesss’ and the ‘deeper things of satan’, many getting themselves trapped, many destroyed.   So much interest in the darkness but people are too lazy to pick up the Bible and go seek God their Maker, the One that gave them life.   Time to stop stupid, put  your common sense brain back on, stopped getting whipped around by your emotions. turn to God and do what He says so you can escape this realm and become IMMORTAL! 

Look, these bad guys are trying to exterminate you, your family and the entire human race all while damning you to hell and the Lake of Fire in the process.  Time to wake up to what world you’re in. Everything the Bible says is true and it’s coming true before your eyes. You are in war world.

Since the sin of man we descended into this lower level realm, this lower level dimension along with Lucifer, his followers and all of the billions of demons, the disembodied you redeemable nonhuman spirits of human hybrids whether that’s from Angel human hybridization or scientific hybridization.

Right now those for working with the kingdom of darkness for whatever reason think it’s a good idea to exterminate all humans I guess including themselves or they think they are special. Speaking of thinking your special,  the way I’ve seen repeatedly over time regarding how a slick con man or woman gets you to buy into their trick or do their bidding – they make you feel really really special, the play up your pride. You think they really care for you, but no, the base line motivation for what they are doing is to use you or destroy you.  These people maybe trying to sell you or trap you into a bad relationship, or in this case with the kingdom of darkness workers, exterminate you like a cockroach.  And that’s the case more than ever in these evil times.  

So you know if you have any pride, get rid of it because it’s a very exploitable weakness. And pride is arguably one of the top things God hates as you can gather from reading the Bible over and over again.

See video here 



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