Operation 99 … Simon Says… Progress – Updates

low angle photography of brown and gray helicopter

Operation 99 … Simon Says… Progress – Updates

What’s  Operation 99?     What’s Operation 66?   Star Wars  Clone Wars if I Remember the Right Series Where the Clones Who Were All Loyal to the Jedi Had Brain Chips Implanted by the Darkside in Coordination with the “Tall Greys” Cloners. 

The Bio Brain Chip Allowed Emperor Palpatine to Control the Clones and Shoot All the Jedi Since they Were Loyal Soldiers Continually Around the Jedi Wiping Out Most All the Jedi Through the Universe Save a Couple Few that Escaped.

Operation 99 is the Inverse of Operation 66 Where the Good Guys the Soldiers will Be “Flipped On”  by the Good Guys Eliminating Most of the Bad Guys World Wide… Saving Humanity from Utter Annihilation… 


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