Next Supreme Court Judge will Be Samuel Then Deborah

A Next Supreme Court Judge will Be a Woman “Get ready for my Deborah will arise and take her place!”

(watch the video below)

Quick note: The next Supreme Court Justice to take justice Kennedy’s place will be a woman, a man, a Samuel, then a woman.. God has declared this through is prophet Charles Shamp.  CORRECTION I MISHEARD THE VIDEO:  The SAMUEL sounds like the NEXT (Brett Kavanaugh?) Supreme Court Judge but Deborah would be next (Amy Coney Barret fits this description). And we’ve gotten a glimpse of who Deborah is and she lines up with prophecy. 

Also for perspective, we all can get very caught up in the news and get distracted or even cause ourselves to go off, get in trouble and get into a mess or a waste of time or even off course from our destiny (if you are even on course right now – better ask God about this.) And I’m even talking about those looking at legitimate news not fake news run by the Satanic Cabal.

Consider putting God’s Word through His modern prophets as your primary news source instead.     Also if you don’t know the Word of God you’ll likely not even recognize a prophet from God vs. some one who is being duped by Satan & his Kingdom of Darkness workers so download our Volume Bible Reading Plans and Volume Bible Reading System – Free

I mean think about it, we’ve got prophets these days and lots of them. Isn’t that amazing?!?!   And from what I understand we will be having more and more prophets with greater and greater power. On top of that believers, in terms of believers who are “obeyers”, who walk holy in a trust connection with the Lord and in obedience to Jesus’ commands of the New Testament, will start to become more more powerful across the Earth doing the Greater Works than even what the Lord Himself has done on Earth, as He promised.

So before you get caught up in an emotional frenzy which can be very distracting and draining just tune into God’s word through His prophets and believe Him! And if He tells you to do something then focus on that. Let’s not waste time following the emotional roller coaster of the news and let’s just get our jobs done so everything can turn out into good news! Now that sounds a lot smarter doesn’t? Yes I like this plan!

So the next Supreme Court Justice will be a woman (correction of me not hearing it right – maybe it’s better to have prophecy in print) a Samuel then it sounds like Deborah comes after.  She will be in line spirit and character of Deborah of the Old Testament. She won’t be another easily manipulated woman by the Kingdom of Darkness as you’ve seen throughout politics, media (and those who have been at the core of the insane divorce rate in America.)   It sounds like she will know the Word of God well as well and that she will turn to her One and Only Teacher for answers to questions instead of mankind or some Kingdom of Darkness creature whispering in her ear.

As you’ll see from an interesting book by Jonathan Cahn “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times”  there are Cycles in history and personality that have been pre-written and assigned by God. For example we just got out of a phase under Ahab and Jezebel – and these are powerful dark side ruling spirits that have been infecting the USA. In particular there are two characters associated with these names in modern history (BC (WJC) & HC (HRC)). Now we have not only a Deborah about to rise into power who will look after the children and will judge righteously but we will have a Samuel up and coming as well (more on that later).  And of course Trump is Cyrus.

Donald Trump will appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices of God’s Choosing because God is reclaiming America as the base of the End Time Harvest.

This End Time Harvest may last a couple, few or more centuries according to Prophets. So don’t panic thinking that you only have three years as some say. This is God’s time and He’s going to show off through His kids! So tune in to God.

Are you saved? Are you born again from above? Please understand that you cannot technically or mechanically enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you have the covering of Jesus, God the Son.

How do you get this covering? You believe with all your heart that Jesus is God the son who came to Earth, to die for your sins and was risen from the grave back to Heaven.

That’s how you become “Born Again from Above” and have that “new man” creation, that immortal, powerful, spirit man version of yourself who can rule and reign with Christ Jesus into the future in the millennial Reign and on the New Earth (where the planet will be as big as a Galaxy!)

And being “born again” means that you receive this new spirit creature version of you that is born of God, that does not sin, is super powerful and is much better looking than us:).  (No weight loss worries either!)

That new man is the child of God (although we are all God’s creation we have to be born again into His family. )  because he (she) is born of God.  Again this happens when you really, actually and fully with your whole heart believe on Jesus – “believe in Jesus for real”.

If you have any questions about this go talk to God directly and He’ll take care of you.   Jesus says He is your One and Only Teacher.  You are to be taught by God.   Everyone other preacher or teacher can only express up the the layer or layers of understanding given to them.  But there are many, many layers to go and only God can reveal things about Himself to you. .  You’ll know when God is talking to you.

After you become born again then just follow Jesus.  You are to continually choose Jesus as Lord instead of Satan or self or your flesh.  Confessing Jesus as Lord means that you are admitting He is Lord which means you are admitting that you have to do what He says.   What does He say?  The commandments of the New Testament (all verses stated in a command or implied command style in the New Testament)  and what He tells you in real time through the Spirit.

So stop following preachers and teachers, doctrines and religious organizations  and start following Jesus directly and personally. Start being taught by God directly, as you are supposed to because He is your One and Only Teacher as He says.  Also, pick up the Bible and read it over and over and over again and then go talk to God, directly and ask Him your questions!!! And don’t forget to listen!!!! You will know His voice because His voice is in the knowing.

See the prophecy over the next Supreme Court Justice being a Samuel and then a Woman

Corrections in red.

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