New “Vax Cure” Methods from Dr. Young & Dr. Love

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New “Vax Cure” Methods from Dr. Young & Dr. Love – See Notes Below

## == “VAX CURE”
3. Boron
4. Sodium Chlorite
5. Baking Soda
6. Salt is the thing that has the power
7. Salt in stomach > Creates chlorine dioxide > produces provides oxygen through the body so more salt vs directly drinking CLO2. Remember those who ate salt (probably wasn’t as corrupt in 70’s ) lived 25 years more on average.
8. Got to combat the poison or your glutathione goes down and so does your stem cells.
9. Must boost mitochondria.
10. Salts. Clays. vs Super nutrients works. in alternation 3x to 4 x a day every 1 to 2 hours.  
11. Dr. Love Chaparral harvest from dessert: rescue immune system and gets rid of cancer. Isn’t this a Dr. Sebi Favorite?
12. Parasite detox takes 4 to 4 months of consistency alternating between salt derivatives and super nutrients (ie greens and berries powder) at least 4 times a day. Consistency for 3 to 4 months because of eggs. Salts and super nutrients don’t mix. Need to alternate back and forth.
13. Natural melatonin – works against snake venom. Plant based melatonin – you’re safe. And only plant based.  But not chemical based or animal based melatonin – bad.
14. Just boost your immune system & cleanse out then your immune system will treat altered cells as dead cells. Got to bring pH to 8.4 in interstitial fluids.
15. Boost chlorophyll for brain regeneration
16. Stem cells and blood is started in the small intestine. They can’t rewrite your DNA according to Dr. Young.  I think that Super Soldiers would argue that point.  
17. Anthrax is a transformation of a redbloodcell Dr. Young found .
18. Life is in the blood. Life comes from the flash when sperm meets egg, enters eggs, then the spark creates the blood.
19. The key to regeneration: comes from bringing health to the naval. You have to understand how to make blood: Chlorophyll. Oil. Water and Salt > makes blood. All green foods will be to your meat ( translation error from Dr. Young’s Bible… herbs include all seed plants such as fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains). Daniel diet “pulce” (sp?) food that comes from seed. Green foods build your blood! I HAVE NOT BEEN EATING HARDLY ANY GREENS!  Okay translation may be off but most of use need way more chlorophyll.  I guess that’s why chlorella, spirulina, greens powder is so effective.
20. Nascent Oxygen heals you. Look it up
21. First open up channels of eliminations: pee. poo, sweat. breathing. menstruation. 2. you have to improve circulation. 3. you need to start hyperprofusing alkalinity > you find by testing your urine and it needs to be 8.4 to 9 if you want to heal. You have to return extraordinary alkalinity to regenerate and repair. SO YOUR NEW ANTI AGING IS THIS. Genesis 1. Way more chlorophyll greens.  2. Cleans out the junk and create a cleans habit.  3. boost salt, natural salts not refined with poisons added salt  4. photon supplementation from moderate sun light, incandescent lights and raw organic fruits and veggies.  5. Biology of belief:  no way you’re going to reverse angling unless you believe as a verb, as a mental technique first.
22. Stems cells are not made for bones or liver. Except is fasting . Says in feasting. not fasting (says feasting on greens – but it’s feasting on plant based.)
23. Jesus told Essenes how to have eternal life : he said start eating grass! ??

Protocol Ideas Made Practical

Not to be taken as advice.  See the personal guidance of your non Satanic medical professional before doing any protocol concept.  information on this page is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. 

1. Salt was mentioned as a primary powerful curative thing as startling as that sounds.  The formula is have a  strong natural salt intake (Himalayan, Redmonds, Celtic rotate – not store bough like Mourtains or whatever that may say ‘sea salt’ it’s processed loaded up with chemicals that tear you up on the insides), done in intervals.  Not too much at once.  Plenty of water, robust amounts of water are also needed with the extra salt. 
2. The formula concept from Dr. Love and Dr. Young is something like this: 4 times a day in alternation of salt water (or extra natural salt on foods, wait and hour or two, then do the super nutrients like greens powder, capsules/tablets, smoothies, or juicing. 

Salt or baking soda: (start small and easy) Go by feel. Usually 1/2 teaspoon is easy. Baking soda must always be on empty stomach or can react with foods in stomach and cause that volcanic gas eruption which could damage your stomach or worse! (Think about kids “science experiment of mixing baking soda and vinegar to make a “volcano”) . Then after say an hour or two you use super foods (a. different types of greens based powder.

3. For “super foods” cycle: Chloryphyll is key for healthy blood regeneration. b. Eat greens, grab a couple handfuls and chow or variation. c. or juice (use a juicer) drink juice on empty stomach; juice the greens d. or make a quick smoothie with greens or greens powder or kelp powder (remember that peanut butter and banana can cover up a lot of earthy taste) or throw some fresh or frozen kelp, broccoli, spinach etc in your smoothie. 

4. Add boron supplementation. Just bought some from NOW for 12 bucks. Need more that one 3mg pill a day though.

5.Extra Dr. Sebi Bonus for “cleansing mucous from the body”  FORMULA – CUT ORGANIC LIME PIECES a FeW  – PUT IN TEA CUP can use KEURIG hot water – now you have lime tea – ELIMINATES MUCOUS FROM BODY – MODIFIED FROM DR. SEBI Keep it simple. Crush and squeeze lime and peel, the peel is key!

6. We’re not looking for “magic instant presto”  formulas, we’re looking to do health boosting, cleansing basics to neutralize the bad stuff while powering up our own immune system, our own health. 



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