New Sinners Prayer 2 that You Can Use Salvation Prayer 2

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New Sinners Prayer 2 that You Can Use Salvation Prayer 2

Here is another salvation prayer that came to me that you can use or model.  Feel free to print out, change it, send it to your friends, to turn it into a video etc.

When a person is saying a sinner’s prayer for salvation understand that this is a very serious thing. They must say and believe FOR REAL what they’re saying with all their heart, all their mind, and in fact all of there being. 

This sinners prayer for salvation is about that person wanting get right with God and be with God forever in Heaven, the New Earth, to be saved from Hell and the Lake of Fire. 

Understand that God needs for you to formally choose Him.  There must be a formal and real point of belief and confession that Jesus is God the Son Who came and died for your sins and rose from the grave.  And secondly one must confess that Jesus is Lord thereby submitting oneself, transferring ownership to Jesus, God the Son, to be redeemed back to God the Father (after falling away from God the father you to sin).

The repentance is in turning from a self-directed life, or a world directed life, a kingdom of darkness directed life to a God directed life through Jesus, through Holy Spirit in obedience to the New Testament and in real time in the Spirit. 

Understand that the moment one prays a prayer such as this in the request for salvation, that all of Heaven stops, and billions of beings in Heaven are watching you at that moment. So it’s quite special!  

According to Kat Kerr, who was shown the born again process (you can access the recording from her website), when you say a sinners prayer such as this or others and you formally believe, actually, truly, fully and really in your HEART that Jesus is God the Son who died for your sins and then rose from the grave back to Heaven and then you formally confess, admit, submit, transfer ownership of self, transfer directorship of your life over to Jesus (to guide you into eternal mega success).  Here is what happens in the spirit realm if I remember correctly from Kat Kerr’s revelation about it:

  1. God the Father places a piece of His heart, a gemstone in your spirit which is His Light.
  2. Jesus imparts the anointing power within you and moves, walks into your spirit. 
  3. Holy spirit comes to walk along side of you, a full layered copy of Himself just for you.  And when you are baptized in Holy Spirit, formally inviting Him in, then Holy Spirit moves inside of you, you speak in tongues and start to walk in power. 
  4. You become transformed and are birthed by God the new man, the new Spirit man version of you so you now become a son of God, born into the family of God (because you formally chose God through Jesus redemption of you) and you are now able to enter Heaven. You can not be saved, enter Heaven without being born again no matter what other religions or new agers say. 

Kat Kerr Gets Inside Scoop on What Exactly Happens When You are Born Again in the Spirit Realm

Here is Salvation Prayer 2.  Fell free to take it, use it and or modify it.

“Dear Jesus. I’m not sure if I understand everything correctly but I want to ask you: will you save me? Can you please save me so I end up in Heaven with you? I formally accept you as my Savior, my Redeemer, my Lord, my God, God the Son. Please help me! And never ever let me go! Amen


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