New Sinners Prayer 1

Sinners Prayer Example

Here is a sinners prayer you can use. You can use for yourself.  You can take post on your blog and social media.  Feel free to modify it as well to how you are inspired about how it should be. 

JESUS. I believe you are God the Son Who came to
die for my sins. If i have any unbelief please help me
with my belief. Make me so I can believe in you. And
shape me to how you ideally want me to be. You are my Maker.
I thank you for making me and allowing me to get to know you.

Jesus, I want to right not formally invite you into my heart. Please save
me and make sure, no matter what, that I end up in
Heaven with You!  Please save me Jesus and be my Lord guiding
me every step of the way to eternal success with you. 
I confess Jesus that you are Lord over me and the universe.

Thank you so very very much for dying for my sins 
on the cross thereby paying the price to redeem me
and bring me back to God the Father.

Jesus, I formally invite you now to be my savior and Lord.

Help me. Fix me so I’m acceptable to you and so I make
you happy, feel loved, honored and respected. 

Thank you Jesus for saving me.  Hold me tight and never let me go.

And God, Holy Spirit, I invite you to live inside of me and
guide me every step, even becoming a best friend. 


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