New Older Prophecy – Donald Trump is for 2 Terms – Trump and Putin Build 3rd Temple

New Older Prophecy – Donald Trump is for 2 Terms – Trump and Putin Build 3rd Temple

by respected prophet Kim Clement (who just died this year, which is interesting)

The wall is going up.  See video below:

America will have prosperity.

Trump will get baptized in the Holy Spirit and become a powerful witness to the world. 

Bill Gates will, yes that Bill Gates, who recently met with Trump, impressed, calling him the next JFK, will fund majorly the Great End Times Harvest!   Now that was shocking.  Others had Bill as a major Illuminati player.  I guess Bill is going to repent!  Wow.

  • Trump is for 2 terms.   
  • So Trump is the Last Trump.  
  • See the other videos Bible Codes showing Trump & Putin will build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.  
  • Peace and prosperity will resound across the world.  Trump is the 6th trumpet.  Then sudden destruction will come.  Rapture.  Tribulation starts.  So gear up.  Bear fruit as fast as you can.  Repent out of all your sins.  Once saved always saved, future sins automatically forgiven is a major scam and a major cause of the great falling away.  Get rid of all sin.  See this sins list.  Start obeying Jesus commands.   Actually my guess would be 2 years into the new president’s term after Donald, the rapture, the sudden destruction will commence timing with a 2026 start as to end in 2033 with the next blood red moon tetrad coordinating with Biblical feast days and the 2000 years from the death and resurrection of Jesus!   
  • See this new posting on the 1st Book of Adam and Eve and how the Lord explains how He will come 5,500 later to die for our sins and allow Adam and Even to regain their light being status (spirit man).


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