New Habit for Earthlings – The Cure for Poverty

So I Had this Idea That Will Work, 2 Ideas Infact to End Global Hunger, Starvation and Maybe Even Poverty All While Saving the Planet at the Same Time…

Turn your weapons into plowshares!   Or… start an indoor garden!  Did you know you can grow food inside your house?

Additionally I see so many people’s lawns these days that in my opinion are largely a waste. The plant all these plants that can’t feed them. The plan all these plants and then spray them with all sorts of cancer-causing chemicals while also ruining the land while also relieving the water supply as these chemicals eventually get washed down into the water tables below.

“Everyone” it seems wants to keep up with the Joneses and so on with their unproductive yards.

If everyone grew a certain amount of their own food and herbs there would be no… POVERTY!  There would be no starvation! 

But what if… Everyone who has a yard started planting plants that can produce food and herbs? What if they started installing fruit trees and bushes? What if they started herb gardens? What if they started growing whatever type of foods that will grow in their area?  What if people started growing food in their houses; you can do that you know.  What if people built green houses to grow all sorts of foods maybe that they could not have outside?  What if people start using tech breakthroughs to grow foods on the insides and out (no poisons or gmos) such as starting with the basics such as using inexpensive grow lights?  There are all sorts of things you can do to accelerate the growth of plants that the bad guys kept from you.   

Well, if everyone was growing their own foods, or at least a set of foods guess what? One could argue that world hunger problems could be gone, completely gone. If everyone who has a yard is contributing to the world’s food supply whether it’s for themselves or maybe they exchange with their neighbors or create other sorts of exchanges, and distant exchanges with other climate zones especially that logistics are better than ever, then hunger issues can disappear. People will probably eat healthier since they’ll be excited eating the fruits and vegetables, maybe some nuts, herbs for flavoring and natural medicines. They will save money. They will feel wealthier. They will have a greater sense of peace not being so dependent on local grocery store and their usually mediocre offerings.

And in fact, if people started eating mostly organic foods they grew with new smart techniques of growing so it became easy (so they would keep growing), health problems would dry up.  There wouldn’t be any health crises or health care crises.  On top of that, simply retrain the MD’s the medical doctors, training them how to heal people by practicing God medicine (natural medicine) vs killing 10 to 15 million people a year by practicing their current Satanic Medicine, Snake Medicine (reference – look at the Baphomet’s statue’s stomach – it’s the MD symbol!).

On that note, let’s go ahead and correct our food supply:

  1. GMO’s now become illegal.
  2. Phase out hybrids and get back to the original designed plants as much as possible.
  3. Ban the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  4. All food grown must be at minimum USDA organic standards.
  5. Ban all non organic foods as can be.
  6. Ban the practice of stripping nutrients from foods such as: cane sugar > refined sugar, whole flour > refined flour,  full mineral spectrum sea salt to > NaCl plus chemicals, anti caking agents, aluminum… and so on.  Label these as illicit dangerous drugs or weapons of mass destruction if you will since that is what they are.
  7. Ban the hidden GMO semi dwarf grain wheat that was said to be created to work with Monsanto chemical pesticides and fertilizers, you know, the ones that give you cancer, that are said to be xenoestrogens, that have been associated with making you sterile, giving you diabetes amongst many other diseases (you can do your own research  – there has been much written about modern wheat (and nothing makes me fatter faster than modern wheat from what I can tell).
  8. Ban dumping chemicals into our water supply and use new ways of cleaning and purifying our water supply.
  9. Release the new technology for obtaining clean water and cleaning water for use.
  10. Ban the use of artificial sweeteners, at lest the ones that are on the market currently.

Universal health care would be relatively easy since 1. Only a fraction of people would be getting sick due to new eating  habits.  2. Doctors would be converted to snake medicine pushing scammers, destroyers and killers into healers.   3. Banning of the bad foods as listed above.  4. Remove the utter corruption that has invested the entire medical industry.   And when the corruption and the money siphoning is removed, even doctors can get paid more (after they convert from killers to healers that is).  5. Reexamine the entire vaccine concept, expose it (as many say it’s an utter scam that has no preventative value, only destructive value, fix them or ban them.

Ok?  So we just in essence solved world hunger, poverty and most global health problems. Yes it would work.  Of course it would work.

On top of that, there is tons of government owned land that could be transformed into productive farm land for the growing of food, plants. Jobs can even be created, tax payer funded for people who would like to grow for everyone in the local area and cities.  So the farmers would be paid a salary as a job, not as a farmer owning their own farm which may have too much expense, and risk for many.   Create a high tech, naturally maximizing farming system and plug the farmer workers in there.  Grow huge amounts of food!

Once people get used to eating organic foods they won’t want to go back.  Plus their gut biomes will be recultured which means that they will now crave the good food and despise the bad food.

And in today’s age with today’s knowledge and technology it is become easier than ever to grow your own stuff. You can go to YouTube and learn just about every tip for growing food in your area. Of course there are many websites are out there that will teach you how to grow foods inside your house and out. There are tons of books on gardening and so on. But the Internet can speed things up and gives you the quick tips and quick information, the quick answers you need.  But the secret to actually doing this is to get started and start little by little.  Practice.  Test. 

Save Your Seeds !  Just One Seed Has the Power to Eventually Feed a Whole Nation

Seeds are amazing. And most of us just simply throw them away.  Then one day I thought wait a minute,  why would I throw away such a precious and powerful thing such as a seed of an organic plant.  (If your produce is non-organic which means it’s probably also GMO very likely then you’ll want to throw away those seeds.  Those are seeds of destruction.).

 So how about this:  every time you eat a piece of organic food that has seeds in it,  save the seeds!   You probably can grow most of those plants in your home, in a green house or in your yard. If not then maybe you can trade for someone in a different climate zone who has saved their seeds (assuming we get a save your seeds movement going)  for the seeds that you cannot grow in your area with seeds from them that they can’t grow in their area but can grow in your area.

 I’ve already started doing this and I’ve got,  well I didn’t count them but by the looks of it may be close to a thousand seeds  in a pretty short period of time.

 But what I have done is taking some of this season learn some gardening tips,  bought some optimized organic dirt with fertilizer in it and then I bought those grow bags instead of the traditional pots and I started planting seeds and I now have the starts of a couple lemon trees,  a couple mango trees,  an avocado tree or two,  a couple orange trees  and a cantaloupe plant.   It’s actually super exciting seen these plants grow from the seeds I just popped in the dirt!   I already feel kind of like a “daddy”  to these plants.   It’s pretty interesting.   

 I don’t know if you’ve had the experience of having really nice fruit trees, for example, in your yard. But I’ve had some really good experience growing up and then later with citrus trees,  melons,  star fruit trees and  mango trees –  and some of my most favorite experiences were picking the fruit off the trees that tasted so good.   It was amazing to just have food in my backyard! And eventually I stumbled upon experimenting with fruit only diet and was astounded that I could survive and thrive on just eating fruit!   Now I’m not saying I do that all the time but from time to time I look to do so because it’s so incredibly healing and healthy.

By Growing Your Own Food Or At Least Some Of Your Food You Will Likely Start To Appreciate God More and Give Him Thanks, Worship & Praise Which is What He Has Said that He Likes Many Times Over in the Bible.

You’ll be amazed at what He has done in His creation. You’ll be inspired to give Him thanks worship and praise because His Person, his Personality, His Wonderfulness shines through these plants, these foods, these organic foods that you are having manifest up from the Earth. The experience of growing and the experience of eating God designed foods (non corrupted foods) will bring you closer to God.

And on top of that you wouldn’t be forced to eat demonically infected foods if you had plenty of God foods on hand.  And after you adapted your gut biome from craving corruption to craving holy God foods, what do you think is going to happen to your health?  That’s right! You’re health will likely start becoming very good and even powerful.

So all you fellow Earth dwellers of this realm – want to save the planet and feel way better about things?

  1. Every time you eat ORGANIC – save the seeds
  2. Only save the ORGANIC seeds or you’ll be carrying on corruption into the future.
  3. Learn how to plant and grow things.
  4. Learn what grows in your area outside.
  5. Learn what you can grow in a green house
  6. Learn how to “recycle food”.  This is what I know so far:  Celery, onions, ginger… and you can probably think of many others (potatoes, garlic … whatever starts growing if you let it sit around to long in your kitchen)… you can take the end, i.e. celery and just put it in water with some moderate light and it will simply grow, regenerate it’s self for potential perpetual food.  It’s really neat!

This Topic Needs to Be Continued….

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