NESARA Updates – NESARA in Days vs. Christmas in November

Gold Gold Bars Treasure  - 14428522 / Pixabay

Manuel Johnson Says “Christmas in November” (See Video Below).  Updates of Full NESARA Launch Say It MUST Be Formally Announced by September 15th.    Maybe the Impact Where People Are Able to Access Funds Will Be Fully Available in November.

Remember Prophet Manuel Johnson Was Given a Couple Future Visitation Trips Where He Say Gold, Silver and Cryptos (Mentioned Bit Coin and Ripple which is the Coin XRP) Going WAYYYYY  Up.  He said there is a dramatic change coming, like hugely dramatic.  This Dramatic change would be NESARA.   Those who invested well in cryptos now were announced to be multi millionaires by sometime next year.  XRP is said to be the coin, the digital money system for the white hats, NESARA, the Quantum financial system.  Of course you do your own research and make your own decisions but since time is of the essence you would need to do your research and investing actions quickly, since NESARA is about to launch.  XRP is right at a breakout point.  XRP can be gotten from (CirstenW was told that by her little birdy friends)

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