Neem Leaf Better than Ivermectin?

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So I Thought – if a Pharmaceutical Has ANY Actual Effectiveness, they Must of Altered Something Natural and that the Natural Version is Likely a. More effective b. With less or No Side Effects So …

You May Have Heard How Ivermectin is Being Promoted As a Miracle Drug for a. “COVID-19” (aka – the flu)(aka you’re full of acidity and fear which then restricts your breathing making you even more acidic – acid states cause inflammation and mucous generation which then goes on to produce cold/flu like symptoms.  In fact, if you have a heavy duty massage, you can experience flu like symptoms as the massage releases cellular waste and other toxins throughout the body.   In fact #2, if you do any genuine detox program that liberates the junk in your body, you will experience flu like symptoms.   In fact #3, even if you do the keto diet, genuinely trying to go all keto, all the way to ketosis, you’ll experience flu like symptoms, likely, usually related to excess fungus and or parasites in the body dying off and your body then has to detox that out…)… right?  Well it’s looking like that Neem leaves have been compared to Ivermectin in many different studies over time which is … interesting.

What’s the opposite of acid?  That’s right, a base or alkaline.  How do you counter an acid load in the body?  By strategically increasing the alkalinity, preferably and more safely with foods (i.e. fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (in water, add some stevia, add some pulp and add some peel shavings while you’re at it too – repeat periodically through the day to keep “pumping up” the alkalinity and “attacking” the acid.   Greens!  Densely green leaves with a lot of chlorophyll:  dandelion leaves, kale, spinach… broccoli is great too… greens drink powder, even green tea…)  Herbs!  There are many herbs that can help quickly smack down illness symptoms which used in proper dosage and frequency.  The fix is in re-shifting the balance of the body.  Get rid of magic pills thinking, that’s for snakes.

Look up Gene Decodes Anti- post Vax and Shedding of Spike Protein prevent protocols that he got from heavy duty sources.

Now to the topic. This is initial research on this topic of Neem being more comprehensively effective than Ivermectin (where Ivermectin is considered to be hugely effective against Covid-19 (the flu) and the spike proteins, obliterating the spike proteins and graphene constructs that are trying to take you over like Venom (the black goo) to Spiderman or whomever the host would be to Venom.

Do not fear. Fear causes illness.  So does worry.  Fear plus a disease name thought, a visual can very easily manifest.  That’s how Satanic allopahic pharmakeia MD industry in part tricks you into a. getting sick creating disease with your thoughts and emotions (like casting a spell on you with their wicked pharmakeia sorcery disease name system.  b. into taking their snake medicine venom that may patch a symptom yet often creates multiple new problems so they can “treat” them for a profit in multiple new ways while killing you off early as part of a depop satanic agenda. 

You also may want to turn off ALL NEWS because it’s about to get extra stressful.  Go play with the ducks and squirrels instead. Try to get lots of sunshine to jack up your vitamin D3 levels.  Get some fresh air.  Don’t hang around toxic people, especially if their shedding spike proteins everywhere. 

Here is some testing done in India. Neem is a popular herb in India. India needs to get back to its roots in natural medicine and out of this allopathic MD Satanic Murder machine.  This mini study shows how effective simply putting neem leaves in water was for treating flu like symptoms.  They claim “COVID-19” but since no one has been able to identify “COVID-19” or provide any samples of it ever (because it does not exist and if anything is a. the flu b. 5G turned up which creates the exact same symptoms in addition to creating spikey “corona” looking blood cells according to various 5G experts and health care experts like Dr. Robert Young.  c. Nothing.   And their “COVID 19 Tests” with the PCR Test was considered totally fraudulent and any sampling or swab stuck up your nose gave you a form of the vaccine. 

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) leaves in the treatment of COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 : A Case Report

by Shanmuga Subramanian S, Pallavi Moreshwar Kanitkar, Neeta Deshpande, Shirish K  –

These are some of the first known cases of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) patients who recovered quickly and become asymptomatic after taking “Neem” leaves mixed with water as dietary supplement orally along with other standard prescribed line of treatment. The age group of patients in this study varies from 5 to 70 years with 2 children being aged 5 and 13 years , 3 adults were in the 36-40 age group and 1 adult was in the 60-70 age group. All the 6 of them had tested positive and the patients had typical COVID-19 symptoms like cough, bodyache,fever with 4 of them being symptomatic and the other 2 being asymptomatic.After taking Neem leaves mixed with water orally as dietary supplement in equal doses over 2 days, all of them had become asymptomatic and recovered fully clinically.There were 3 other people who took “Neem” leaves as prophylactic medication and tested “negative” ,these people were in close contacts of the 69 yr old patient. Though this is a small case study done with 9 people, this would implore scientists and Governments around the world to look into Neem as an option for inhibiting COVID-19. Also nearly 25+ compounds in Neem leaves has shown high inhibition against COVID-19 Main Protease in the Molecular Docking study which shows compounds in Neem leaves has high inhibition the virus.In addition to that Neem has been extensively used in Indian traditional medicine systems like Ayurvedha and Siddha for many centuries.Different research studies proves that Neem (Azadirachta Indica) is known to possess anti-viral properties and has been found to be effective against different viruses, as well as it is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent and an immunomodulator.The treatment given above correlates with principles of “Jwara Chikitsa” in Ayurveda.

Neem Vs Ivermectin – Dung Beetles

Of note:  we additionally have to be careful of various studies because a study can be easily skewed to put down the natural and promote a pharma product.

This is just some initial research into the very interesting comparison of the herb Neem to the highly touted and well tested drug called Ivermectin.

None of this material is considered to be medical advice but rather brain storming and researching ideas for the sake of boosting health.  If you can find a knowledgeable health care professional consult with them before trying to self treat.

So, is Neem Leaf Better than Ivermectin?  Have no idea yet.  We’re just starting some research here. Do your own research.  Neem supplements can be obtained very inexpensively though.  That said,  NAC or N-Acetylcysteine was found to be highly effective against I believe it was spike proteins, blood clotting, against symptoms related to “Covid” and they started pulling them, ie pulling them from Amazon. 

Question:   If there’s going to be millions and millions of people dying form these vaccines, who’s going to get the blame?  Who LET this happen when they could have stopped it?  Who let the mark of the beast shot so freely go around the world while letting it continue to be promoted?  Who let the main stream satanic media stay there, keep blabbering away, keep casting a spell over the world, keep bulling the world to do whatever the Satanic agenda wants?      Hopefully we won’t have this big die off and hopefully multiple counter measure cures will be able to completely reverse the effects of these vaccines.   Afterall, the body is continually repairing DNA and many original design foods and herbs support DNA regeneration.  On top of that, David Wilcock had a very interesting video stating that DNA records are not kept in the flesh realm but in the spirit realm so DNA CAN BE REPAIRED.  

So do not fear.  Get right and tight with Yeshua, God the Son, the Only One Who can Save you and Redeem you bringing you back to The Father (aka “Source” for the new agers).  OBEY THE NEW TESTAMENT AND LIVE!  Get BORN AGAIN SAVED RIGHT NOW.  You must formally, as a Heaven based legal measure, formally believe on Jesus and confess Jesus is Lord. This is why we use “Sinners Prayers”.  Here is one below.  USE IT!  Do IT!  Get Saved and get into Heaven. (no you don’t have to join a religious institution – be directly taught by Jesus, Yeshua instead like He told  you you are to be taught.

Do it now!  Get saved into Heaven.  If you die, then GREAT! You’re in Heaven which is way better and even way better than the glory days that are to come upon the earth.  So be ready to go: DO IT! 

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