NAC – N-Acetylcysteine – Confirmed WORKS for Cleansing Graphene Oxide “the Black Goo” Out of the Body from Your Depop Shot…

NAC – N-Acetylcysteine – Confirmed WORKS for Cleansing Graphene Oxide “the Black Goo” Out of the Body from Your Depop Shot…   Futurist, Strategies, Military Guy, Advanced Coder and Health Expert 

NAC – N-Acetylcysteine – the Amino Acid they So Mysteriously and Swiftly Pulled from Being Sold on Amazon  Hmmm  Didn’t the FDA Say Something Against N-Acetylcysteine as Well, I think I Remember Hearing, Although Not Sure…

  • This fellow’s name is Cliff High.  He’s very intelligent. He’s written some crazy advanced software for predicting future probabilities based off of past patterns in history.  He’s also well known for his expertise in regards to many aspects of health, with most of what he learned in health seeming to comefrom his battle and victory over cancer.
  • What’s interesting about Cliff and his videos is that he provides strategic play by play of what’s to come into the future based off of probability which is based off of historical patterns.   He has updates several times a week to help people read the times and avoid trouble.  His analysis, for the most part, lines up with what prophets have been saying for years.   He is not Christian and has a potty mouth too yet he has a good heart and is very intellectual, analytical and strategic, which is nice to hear.
  • Through Cliff’s familiarity, research and connections he has found that “NAC” – N-Acetylcysteine supplements (-which you can find on non cabal controlled stores although it’s has been a very popular supplement for some time. It’s an amino acid that triggers the body to produce our body’s master detoxification molecule called GLUTATHIONE which is our body’s master detox and cleanse substance.)
  • N-Acetylcysteine, NAC – amino acid.  “Aids mind and body while helping remove spions and graphene oxide.  “N-Acetylcysteine attaches a nitrogen and oxygen to the graphene oxide thereby enabling it to remove.
  • Ivermectin grabs a hold of spike proteins and removes them.
  • You can also use glutathione supplements although NAC is considered more powerful.  
  • But remember, it’s HOW you use a helpful substance that makes it work or not. You’ll have to optimize the dosage and frequency to actually get it to the point where it gets the job done without causing harm.

Here’s Cliff.  Warning:  He has swearing habit.  No we don’t endorse swearing. Yet in such a critical, life and death time, it’s good to have his educational and strategic reports:



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