My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge – People Perish Since they Expect to Be Treated Well and Kindly

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My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge – People Perish Since they Expect to Be Treated Well and Kindly All the Time…

  1. They expect things to always go well.  
  2. They feel that they are special, and nothing bad will every happen to them.  They may even feel like they are “elite”. 
  3. They expect that they should always be happy and everything should always be positive.
  4. They expect that everyone is good and no one would do bad to them and do them wrong.
  5. They believe that overall most everyone is telling them the truth.
  6. At the core of it, they really don’t like God’s Word.  They don’t understand God’s Word and they don’t make much of an attempt to get to KNOW God’s Word.
  7. They are just too lazy to get to know God’s Word and read the Bible over and over and over again all the way through in order to gain more and more understanding, layer by layer.   They don’t understand that getting to know God’s Word IS getting to know God.  They are so lazy that they are putting their hope into the 711 “missing” books of the Bible, while admitting that there are 777 books of the Bible, yet they are not willing to get to know the 66 books they already have. 
  8. They don’t like or understand the concept of dying to self in terms of it being 1. an obedience thing since God is God and your Father, the Ultimate Parent  2. they don’t want to humble themselves and submit to God as God.  3. They don’t actually trust that God is actually looking out for their best interests, ultimate happiness, ultimate love and ultimate wealth since they don’t get and retain the very big picture of looking at things, especially with this temporary stay in this realm vs. eternity.   They don’t understand that any friendship, hanging out in a friendly state, having good socializing with friends requires a “dying to self” to the harmonious whole between two people.   Good times with others requires a dying to self, an opening up, a putting yourself in the back while opening up to others.  Maybe it’s extra hard for people since their has been so much evil over the past few decades and so many people have been hurt by others, or demons acting through others.  But that’s why we need to become expert forgivers and learn how to drop these things like it never happened. 
  9. They believe that those who are telling them good things of comfort and good things to come are the ones telling them the truth, the only ones telling them the truth.  They believe those who prop up a person’s ego, using flattery, by making them feel like they are the smart ones, they are the elite and because they are the elite they understand this “secret knowledge”, all while leading them astray, usually towards their ultimate destruction. 
  10. They judge by outer appearances.  What ever sounds “official” “rounded” and “polished” must be the truth, the way, the authority.    They base their relationships on outer appearances.  They base their relationships on what someone can do for them.  They dismiss all that doesn’t benefit them personally and have very little loyalty.
  11. They put loyalty to traditions over obedience to God.  They put their cultural traditions over obedience to God.  They put their family’s religious tradition over obedience to God.   
  12. They put their family, their biological family in front of God, before God.  They have their family as authority in front and over God, in front of obeying the New Testament, in front of obeying God Personally in Spirit.
    If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
  13. Comfort is their Lord.   Where ever the comfort is that’s what they follow. 
  14. Money is what they follow:
    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
  15. They believe everything is just going to work out just fine and that no matter what they do, if they just be themselves then everything will be just fine after they die.  They don’t really believe that there is a Hell although they may say so with their mount. They don’t believe there is an Outer Darkness that non productive believers get sent to, that believers who sin get sent to, the believers that don’t obey Jesus’ commands get sent to, that don’t have a genuine, open, honest, straight up, open heart, real relationship with the Lord get sent to… where there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  16. The don’t believe that most Christians or those who are of a Christian religion, denomination, who even said the sinners prayer, will end up in Hell or the outer darkness, according to various Heaven and Hell testimonies, and pretty plainly said in the New Testament, if they don’t do what Jesus says, if they don’t put Jesus’ sayings into practice, if they are calling Jesus “Lord Lord” (Boss Boss, Father Father, Ruler of Life, Instructor and Commander of Every moment in life so that you are led by the Spirit, a spiritual “robot” of source yet more like one with God, in relationship harmony with God; God as your Father your Creator; we need to obey our parents) yet don’t do what Jesus says.
  17. Many times Israel was reprimanded for wanting to hear positive news from prophets, news  that was just happy and fun with good times plus prosperity ahead, only, while not heeding the warnings of things God, as God told them to do for their best interests, to be safe and or to draw back close with God and get back into harmony with God, Life, the Sustainer of Life, the Provider of Life, “Source” (as the new agers like to call Him), the Source of All, everything Good.  God is All Good (as prophet Robin Bullock was shown and told, show how).   When we don’t do what God says for correction or that involve temporary uncomfortable times then big trouble ensues; destruction even soon follows.   As kids, our parents tell us things for our own good whether that be for the immediate, such as don’t lick the electrical socket, or longer term, such as you can’t eat pizza, ice cream, cookies and candy all day every day, or that we need to do our homework, while even though it brings short term unhappiness, our parent’s instruction brings us long term happiness, joy, success and prosperity and is given for our overall total success. 
  18. They don’t have the perspective that you live once then the judgement.  They would rather hear about reincarnation because that doesn’t sound as harsh.  But I haven’t heard a reincarnation story to date that was positive and non-brutal, personally, of people’s “former lives”.  Is the Bible saying that you live once and then the judgement, you go to Heaven (the obedient to the New Testament) or Hell (the disobedient to the New Testament).  Well, yes, right? It’s either Heaven, Hell (then the Lake of Fire) or the Outer Darkness.  God is preparing to get rid of this whole sin thing and go into the regenerated world, the New Earth and the New Heaven.  So maybe if there was reincarnation in the past, it’s being done away with going forward into the New Earth and New Heaven and the era of sin will be over; no more Satan, demons or Kingdom of Darkness.  So… do what God says in the New Testament and make it into the regenerated world.  ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR BEING SAVED, MAKING IT INTO HEAVEN AND MAKEING IT INTO HEAVEN WELL ARE ALL IN THE NEW TESTAMENT!  Start reading the New Testament ONCE A MONTH for the next 12 months.  That’s your End Times Beacon homework 🙂 and watch your life change; watch your mind and heart clear up; watch a peace come into your life; find clarity for your purpose and destiny. 
  19. They think Jesus is just a “wise teacher” with lots of nice wisdom quotes and can’t fathom that they actually have to do what He says.  It’s shocking to them.  It’s shocking to everyone since we’ve been raised and programmed by the Kingdom of Darkness that wants to bring you down to the pit and shred you to pieces for an eternity. 
  20. To be continued
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