My GOD Your Maker

My GOD Your Maker

Why does it seem that so many don’t know You at all?

Why are so many people so confused?

You have revealed Yourself: who You are, what You are like and what You like for centuries.  You have done so in Your Word.

Why do so many people not get it?  Why do so many people want to push You away and make up their own rules about Your heaven?

Why do people keep making up their own denominations or their own new religions?  Why do people keep thinking that good works and being good, while ignoring You, their Maker, their Gate, their Way into Heaven, will get them in the Heaven?  Why do they think that You want them around You for an eternity when they don’t even know You or care for You?

Why don’t they get it?

Why don’t they see? Why don’t they understand?

Why don’t they understand when Your example of who You are and what You want is demonstrated all throughout life? How do people get so confused when You, Your character, what You want, what You like, the meaning of life, our purpose in life and how to get to Heaven is so clearly spelled out in Your Word, the Bible.

Always wanting more and not seeing what they have, people forget even about the gift of life on earth. They keep comparing to others. They get jealous. They get greedy. And then they get really confused, susceptible to any sort of lie or strange ways of thinking.  Some go as far to ruin their lives and lives of others.

And all they needed to do was open their eyes, be astounded at life itself, wonder how they actually got here on Earth, wonder why they are here, wonder how they are made, wonder why they are made, wonder who their Maker is, look around to see the good things of life, the great things of life, acknowledging that every day and every breath is a gift and wondering what happens after they die…

If only people could start thinking like this again maybe they would find You, maybe they would seek You, maybe they would cry out for You.  Maybe they could learn the awesome richness, depths and electric awesomeness of Your Person.

Maybe they could find love like they’ve never felt before.  Maybe they could get right with their Maker.  Maybe they could find joy.  Maybe they could find peace.  Maybe they could find richness of life.

Maybe they could discover Heaven and how to actually get in to Heaven.  Maybe they could love others in amazing ways.  Maybe everyone around them could start becoming hopeful again.

Maybe they could delight in You because they got to know You better.  And maybe then Your Power and love could shine through them, opening the eyes of others to You, turning others hearts towards You and letting Your awesome goodness and fantastic depths of love become their experience too.

My God is Your Maker!  I hope you get to know Him soon.  He is genuinely AWESOME!

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