Murder By ‘Vaccine’ – The Evidence Mounts – David Icke Dot-Connector.

Murder By ‘Vaccine’ – The Evidence Mounts – David Icke Dot-Connector – Don’t Let Satan Steal, Kill & Destroy You and Your Live Even Though it Seems Just About Everyone Else Will…

  1. Vaccines are utterly fake snake oil quackery – ALL OF THEM – but these “COVID-19” Vaccines have quite a bit extra venom.  
  2. Allopathic pharmakeia MD medicine is SATANIC MEDICINE.  Almost everything they do, save for a few emergency and reconstructive surgeries is a sorcery based scam.  It’s all to set you up for NOW which is to turn you into a non human being, just like in the “Days of Noah” right before the flood.   Why?  So you will be irredeemable. So Satan can build an army of, well, controlled zombies.  Oh and also, to reduce the population by 90% – so add the murder of 7 billion people on top of that too. 
  3. Vaccines were NEVER a real therapy.  There are designed to GIVE disease and spread it under the guise of giving you ‘dead” or “inert” particles.  
  4. Has an MD Doctor EVER been able to cure a thing?  1. Chopping off your organs, needed organs, or various body parts does not constitute a cure as they like to claim.   2. Masking a symptom while creating 10 more problems in you, including death, with their pharmakeia magic pills does not count as a cure.  I can go on and on; and don’t get me started on their cancer scam.
  5. If you’re an MD or nurse reading this go find another field.  Maybe MD allopathic medicine can be fixed with all the new tech coming out.  But then again, the approach and the education is so Satanically corrupt in MD allopathic than it’s really rare that an MD can learn how to actually cure and heal people.   Your minds have been corrupted to hate the ways of God (which actually work) while being convinced that Satan or rather Dr. Ba’al’s magic tricks medicine of ‘treatments’ is “real medicine” (what a tragic joke).  In fact, after everything is exposed of what MD allopathic medicine really is, I would hide the fact you were ever an MD doctor or MD allopathic nurse for your sake.   I’m not trying to be mean but when people realize that MD allopathic pharmakeia snake medicine has killed, maimed and made sick more than all the wars of the world combined, it’s not going to go well. 
  6. I would look at maybe learning naturopathic medicine (if you can);  there are many naturopaths getting near miraculous results actually HEALING their patients.  Not all naturopaths are good since many have been corrupted by allopathic “treatment” based thinking which is derived from the sorcery enchantment trickery of the pharmakeia mindset with founder Ba’al. Do something! And do it quick!  Also there is word that any doctor or nurse who administered COVID vaccines maybe charged by the military for crimes against humanity: and that’s been stated by many people.  Save your self.  Stop killing people and making them sick!  Find another profession fast!



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