Movie I AM LEGEND Predicted Hideousness of What These Vaccines Could Do to You and Humanity

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As reports are coming in and things are lining up about vaccine disasters it is quite shocking that this has been allowed to go on and is still encouraged.  Why are so many people, who are supposed to know, major leaders who we look up to, saying that these vaccines were safe and that it’s okay to take them and nothing will happen to you etc.? How could they even say that? How could they even say that when (pretending as if vaccines were ever a real, legitimate treatment) there was no compressive testing process on them?  Are we all being played here?  Or are we just watching a show?   Are they medical experts?  Are they pharmaceutical experts? Are they technology experts?  Yes there is talk about med beds being able to cure the effects of what the vaccines do to you  (can the raise the dead too?)  but where are they?  They’re not established. They’re not out there for public use.  Is the claim of medbeds just someone’s claim which is also a strategic claim to put  at ease to taking these vaccines? Remember that ALL vaccines are pseudoscience, a Trojan horse trickery to be able to inject you with whatever they want, and has nothing to do with health. Health comes from having a stronger immune system, essential nutrients, a healthy body being fed foods of God’s design and being cleansed out of things that should not be in the body in addition to cellular waste.

Why have certain leaders and prophets said that these vaccines are okay? Was it just a mistake? Why has this gone on so long and why have so many people actually taken these vaccines? Is this supposed to be the done on purpose in order to set up kingdom versus kingdom? Does God want this this way in order to fill out the ages script? Is that how things work?  You could say so by the story of Egypt, a Pharaoh with the hardened heart who would not let Israel go and people these days were given 4, 5 and more years warning.   

And on that note why would any profits or religious leader say that it’s okay to take these vaccines was have reported baby parts and them unlocks other contamination and that are also directly stated to be genetic alteration treatments? These are hideous sins all swirled into a serum for injection.  That brings to mind other questions does it not? And a lot of people are asking these questions.  Are the psychological operations? Who is a psychological operations of the kingdom of darkness and who is not?   These are genuine questions to the examined without prematurely making claims (especially publicly) of “what is” when you really don’t know what it is ( as arguably most denominational pastors have gotten themselves into a habit over the years, with their grandiose claims stating things are this or that way when all they’re saying is what they believe something that says or really, they may just be looking at an angle of a multifaceted multidimensional concepts, claiming that little angle or fastest is the whole thing when it’s not.)

Why have people endorsed these vaccines when they haven’t even been tested? Not that we even trust any of these corrupted Satanic controlled governmental bodies.  Not that we trust Satan MD, allopathic pharmakei medicine. 

In the past we used to just complain about MD the allopathic medicine thinking that it was just struggling with things and that’s just the way it was.  We felt sorry for them because they were so incompetent with such poor success rates that we just cheered them on to boost their morale.  Afterall, who else was going to be our doctor if things went bad, right? That’s what we used to think until the Internet let us know that there are many many very highly successful non MD health care professionals out there that actually cured things while non maiming, making sick and killing their patients.

The public honor was given to these doctors as if they were the Pharisees, the saviors of the people because a. they needed fake honor since they were pathetic  b. the bad guys needed to prop up the MD’s using pride so they could be easily manipulated into their end times agenda.

They were promoted this way by collusive satanically controlled mainstream media which is why we overlooking the fact that these doctors could not cure a thing outside of a few procedures associated with surgical work. And the things that did seem like they fixed often brought on multiple problems later even hideous or even deadly ones.  Who would’ve thought that Satan MD, allopathic pharmakeia medicine would become the vehicle for destroying most of humanity if not all of it. But thank God for God stepping in.  And now we see how the book of Revelation can, could have actually happened or how it may happen in the future if we don’t get rid of this utterly corrupted “allopathic” MD pharmakeia “medicine” with chief founder, Dr. Ba’al (look at the stomach of the Baphomet statue and you’ll see the MD symbol.  We trusted snakes for our health care and what we got was snake medicine! Brood of vipers who could care less about you compared to their money, their “stable careers” and the praise of men.

Here’s a video below that I found interesting.  A lot of people are insulting a lot of different talk show hosts and you have to understand that each one out there has their own angle at things and they’re not supposed to cover everything. Also you have to understand that we are in war world and until you leave this round you will be in war world. The problem that humanity has run into is that it would not acknowledge that it was in war world, especially the USA, so therefore they would, they became easily tricked and now were in this mess.

Look, this is all intentional. So everyone endorsing a vaccine, everyone recommending a vaccine, everyone who insult someone who tries to warn them about the logical dangers of a vaccine, especially these untested vaccines which are not even vaccines as they even state on their labels, everyone who says these vaccines are safe, everyone who says to take these vaccines, every doctor or nurse administering these vaccines, every doctor or nurse who receives compensation for propping up the COVID-19 deception, or who have not spoken against it when they see people being murdered before their eyes, every newsperson and talkshow person who has endorsed and encouraged the vaccine use … All of these people are technically guilty for crimes against humanity, genocide, murder and possibly eternal murder if people are made you redeemable because their genetics changed as in the days of Noah.  REPENT. 

Turn to God. Confess your sin. Maybe He will forgive you.    Regardless, if you are knowingly endorsing vaccines knowing of their side effects, their potential side effects, then you are Haman.   If you ignore warnings about the vaccines and still promote them, even though, even the vaccine makers and govt officials tell you what they are,  while even ignoring scientist and doctors who tell and warn you what they are then you can be called Haman too.  

Are we seeing a “show” and all of these people dying from vaccines are just actors like Hank Aaron?   Hmm. Are reports of thousands or millions  of people dying (21 million Chinese etc)  from “COVID19” or rather 5g radiation turned up to weaponized levels “disinformation campaigns” by white hats?  We hope so! But… these death reports sure do look convincing…

But those who have friends and family who died as you can see from the third video below a lot of the death associations happened by people getting the flu or having ammonia and then getting a ventilator stop down their throat which then kill them. It has been reported that the ventilation, the ventilators are what kill most people whereas you already have many many cures for acute state Covid, or actually the flu, pneumonia or 5G symptoms cases with the hundred percent success rates from something as easy as in asthma sprayer used in a certain way, but also the hydroxychloroquine plus zinc solution amongst many others.

The makers of these videos below also say many if not most of the people on their crew have experienced someone dying and their family from vaccines in general. Vaccines killed my dog in one week.  it was a Pfizer vaccine.  Pharmas killed a close relative recently.    

You know on that note, really, all of allopathic MD medicine, their doctors, their nurses, their drugs – all of it must be completely shut down and replaced.  Doctors and nurses, you need to get out. You should’ve gotten out already and gone into a healthcare profession that heals people instead of killing them, instead of setting people up for future chronic disease in multiple ways. There is no fix for your form of medicine; it is thoroughly satanically corrupted. Your minds have been corrupted through your education and the mindset the comes with that education, that education that essentially hates and mocks God and His genius ways that actually work. You’ll screw up everything because of the mindset your education put upon you. Yes quite frankly I would get out of healthcare or anything to do with health all together. It is very difficult for an allopathic MD who’s educational system was developed by a literal Satanist, to understand how to heal people.  I’m speaking from dealing with this amongst MD’s for the past few decades and I know many personally having grown up in this industry. A lot of MDs out there try to learn more natural ways to heal the body, a lot of the popular ones, but they still don’t get it and set people up for a mess.   The only escape for you MD’s and MD nurses, if possible is a. for the most part look at the opposite angle of what you’ve been taught on most things  b. repent to God and get to KNOW the Bible, get to KNOW God better personally by reading the Bible through over and over and over (don’t stop!) c. seek to bring honor, glory and praise to God by seeking His ways, seeking to honor the way and systems of how He designed things originally, actually listen to the actual Hippocrates who said let FOOD (herbs too ) be thy medicine, not chemicals, isolates, drugs, vaccines that tear apart the body. 

Think about it, are there any procedures that are salvageable from allopathic M.D. medicine?  You guys figure it out.   Most of their surgeries are disasters, idiotic disasters and unnecessary disasters. And most causes of people needing surgeries, outside of maybe a tragic accident of one sort or another, most of causes of the other surgeries are relatively easily repaired by looking at the root cause in reversing it.  But no, they want those surgery fees!  And outside of accidents, the MD industry and closely linked industries are associated with CAUSING most health problems and disease setting up the problem so it can be ‘treated’ later, while their treatments create multiple new problems to be ‘treated’ later which then creates multiple new problems on top of that to have even more ‘treatments’ unto your death as I witness in a family member over the past 40 years who has been executed by the MD allopathic community, one of his own.   But you guys know all of this.  Time to step up and give the MD industry a COMPLETE makeover, repenting away from Satan/Dr. Ba’al and back to God. 

Here are a few new videos to watch if you have not seen them

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