Mind Blowing 2011 Prophecy Details Out Trump as Next President and Much More


Prepare have your mind blown. Prepare to have the greatest news you’ve ever heard for the USA. Finally, Victory is ours to claim, thanks to God giving us a 2nd chance and majorly helping us out.

Everything in regard to Donald Trump seems hard to believe but believable.  You’re literally seeing a miracle, the working power of God’s mercy right in front of her eyes. This is a most amazing, amazing time to be alive witness Power of God interceding for the United States of America.  Christians, God is going to use Donald Trump to pave the way and open doors, while dismantling and shutting doors and portals in the spiritual realms and natural realms, so we may begin the end times harvest.  We are catching a major break!  Most churches have been a mess. Most churches have been diluted by strange and easy road doctrines.  It’s time to repent God is showing great mercy.  It’s time to make your robes white in the blood of the Lamb and start bearing fruit for the Kingdom, starting, IMMEDIATELY.

It’s time to mass mobilize the body of Christ and join the army of God.  We’re going by air, by internet and mostly by foot to take back every city in this country and then onto every city in this world in love, acts of kindness and witnessing making disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit teaching them to obey the commands that Jesus has given throughout the New Testament, obey all!    The End Time Harvest is at hand starting NOW.

Trump will crack open the New World Order, well God will through Trump. America will be massively blessed and the end times harvest starts with the USA. Those who opposed God’s anointed will be crushed.  So be careful what you say about Trump.  Yes I know it’s confusing because Trump does and says a lot of things that don’t seem like we’re supposed to say.   But see through that.  See the power of God at work.  You can already see how the whole Republican opposition has folder.  The democratic opposition will be wiped out, utterly defeated.  Obama’s dubious plans for a third term will be thwarted.

Time to gear up.  Put your eyes upon and start walking towards Jesus.  Make Jesus your absolute Lord.  Do not follow yourself anymore. Follow Jesus.  Lose your life to Jesus to gain it, and gain it more abundantly and awesomely!   It’s time to WIN.  Start thinking in terms of WINNING.   It’s time to get aggressive and pursue the Lord.  It’s time to get aggressive in equipping yourself so you’re able to witness.  It’s time to repent of your sins, your sin habits, your sin beliefs in the name of Jesus – this is critical, eternally critical.  It’s time to install the commands of Jesus as your habit for you need to become Holy and obedient in order to bear fruit for the Kingdom.  It’s time to get a witnessing plan, a set of tracts down pat so you can lead people to the Lord as the Lord enables.  Gear up you are literally at war, spiritual war.  You must obey your commanding officer, who is Jesus.  You must directly execute without secondary thought your orders!


Here are some notes i took during this video:

TRUMP Prophecy:

  1. Woa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 7 fold return of all countries have stolen from us
  3. World War II state:  This is the end time harvest time
  4. Donald Trump will be a clean sweep.
  5. Media will even begin to agree with Donald
  6. Donald Trump will be fearless.  Donald Trump not called but chosen.
  7. Donald knows all the tricks of the Demonic Realms
  8. Research June 16 WWII – day they made the decision to drop the atomic bomb.  That’s when Trump.  They will quake, the denominc realm and its followers in the world .
  9. America is not under judgement, the systems are.
  10. Trump will be filled with the power of God
  11. Look at all the seeds we have sewn.  90% of the Gospel that has gone out are from America. We will get the return.
  12. God is putting a stop on new world order for America (not rest of world).  Harvest comes out of America
  13. They are seriously trying to bring Obama back for a 3rd term.   Hilary is just another Obama.  Obama plan will get thwarted.  when they see that Hillary will lose they will go ahead and indite her and Obama will try to make a case for a 3rd term.
  14. Those in the system against Trump are in the NWO, they are part of the Masonic, Freemason, Satanic attempt to form the one world order, erasing boarders, to put the control of the planet under the Antichrist.
  15. Demons are manifesting at trumps rally
  16. God is putting signs everywhere: who is anointed.  who is not anointed
    1. TRUMP
      1. Every time he is attacked his numbers go up.  God says do not touch my anointed.
      2. Even news outlets are getting hit that attacked
      3. God is not playing games with Trump
    2. Be careful what you say about God’s anointed –  you don’t want any curses on you!
  17. God is using Trump to split Hell right open.  Stop the one world new world order.  God makes boundaries, boarders of nations.
  18. God is saying I have chosen America as hub  for end times harvest – end times harvest
    1. We need to get our ground game right for the harvest
    2. We need MAN POWER.
    3. We need to take ground
    4. We are the last Christian nation on earth.
    5. God is using Trump to do what the church has failed and neglected to do.
    6. Jesus called people names!  He used a whip to drive people out of the Temple
    7. We need to take back this country then the world for Christ Jesus AMEN!
      1. Winners and winning
    8. The wall has to be sealed up
    9. If the boarders are not sealed up we will have a civil war like we’ve never seen.
    10. Americas best days are ahead of us
    11. Trump will install 5 Supreme court justices, will completely remake US Supreme court.
    12. Time is up for those are corrupt.  All will be exposed and removed.  Leaders.  Systems.  Pastors.  If they stand in the way – they will die.   (2 died right away – money supporters).  DC madame – 816 names biggest scandals in history.  It will be in favor of trump.
    13. There is a terrorist hit coming.
  19. We need to take churches with like 30,000 people: praying, loving people, and witnessing and “invade” cities with love and the message of eternity in Heaven and avoiding eternity in Hell
  20. Trump is going out and getting
  21. Body of Christ and Army of God are different.
  22. D day speech to the Army of God:  the ground game.  I’m in this Army!   Start the crusade.   We will bring about the satanic war machine.
  23. God is using Donald Trump to split the N W O, which we, the church was supposed to do.  But since so many of us got clueless, powerless etc unholy, and didn’t take over the planet for Christ.  Well now it’s time to take over the WORLD for Christ for the end times harvest.
  24. God is trying to call out the luke warm, happy meal Christians
  25. You need to be in the army of God.  Get mature and in the army.  take your place in the army wherever called to be.
  26. We need to conquer and HOLD territory.
  27. Trump:  is a General.  General Patton and others.  Strong personality and big mouths that got them into conflcts.
  30. God is giving us extra time, mercy and grace.  America will once again be light to the world.
  32. The sign:  When Trump takes the oath, a mass exodus south of the border.  That will be the sign.
  33. Donald = world leader
  34. Trump = to get the better of someone
  35. Donald Trump will be used to defeat the evil in natural and spiritual
  36. Trump will even shut portals in the spiritual realm!
  37. Dollar will be strongest again.
  38. Opec will be dismissed.
  39. Gas will be $1 and below in the USA.  America will be energy independent.



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