Military Insider Explains What He’s Allowed to Regarding Post Election Stuff

Post Election - Charlie Freak

Charlie Freak Has A Lot of Info on What is Going on Behind the Scenes that Will Make You Feel Better

Keep in mind though, he has a jumbling of all sort of spiritual info he’s put together in his journey to try and find the truth.  A lot of it is new age hybrid info with various ancient books and world religions, especially Hindu.  He’s trying to do a great service for humanity.  He needs to read the Bible a bit more.  Charlie get on our volume Bible Reading plans with our volume Bible reading system please.   There are way to many misquotes of the New Testament and of Jesus, your Maker; and you really don’t want to do that.  thanks.  Lot of good info though and your work, your search, your research and connections with those who are trying to bring in the Kingdom Age are certainly appreciated, you and your wife.  Thank you!  And thank you for introducing concepts about Jesus to India.

To everyone else, you’re really going to need to know the Entire Bible really really well in the coming days, years and decades.  

  1. Get on our Volume Bible Reading Plans – rotate between the 5 Times a Year and the 12 Times a Year New Testament plan – see the sidebar.
  2. Learn the 666 sins of the Bible in contrast to the Commands of Jesus – see the sidebar. 


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