Megadeth Star Joins the Kingdom of Heaven and Exposes the Reality of the Dark Side…

Startling Footage by ABC News (wow) with Terrified Interviewer that is Starting to Realize that the Spirit Realm is Very Real

Yes the Dark Side Magics and All of their Voodoo Stuff Is Very Real Yet as Kat Kerr Mentioned, the Born of God Born Again in Christ Believer Has More Power in One Pinky Finger than the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness.  Fear God Not the Darkness.  If You Want POWER Make Jesus Your Lord not Satan.

Yes.  Maximizing yourself in the flesh in this realm for yourself, in this puny, puny lifespan without maximizing yourself for eternity is really, really shortsighted, not to mention, eternally disastrous.  

If you want to join the Light (not the ‘alien’s’ ‘light’ nor the fallen angel world religions ‘light’ but GOD Almighty your Maker, the One you KNOW in your sense of knowing, is God, the one you knew before you came here, the One you ASKED to come here likely promising to show this realm God’s wonderfulness, lovingness, awesomeness and glory…), then ASK!  Ask God if you can become one of His children born of God (not just creation but children – there’s a difference, a big one).  Ask how you can get right with God.  Ask God how you can get on track with the destiny He already pre-wrote for you to conquer and fulfill.   Here are Biblical instructions but understand that you getting right with God is between you and Him and no one can do it for you, no religion, no minister, no one but you.  Afterall God’s looking for people He would want around Him for eternity.  So change the way you think (repent) and get SAVED, like Dave.

From darkness to light.  Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine explains his experience with the dark side to ABC News and his new power in the Light of God.    See the video below

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