Meet Dr. Sebi Who’s Cured Just About Everything and Proved it In NY Supreme Court Plus Well Hated by Satanic Allopathic Pharmakeia MD Medical Industry Which is Further Endorsement!

If Satanic Medicine Hates Dr. Sebi What Does that Mean for You?  That’s Right?  Dr. Sebi Has an Incredible Story, Stories Really.  Dr. Sebi Became a Global Champion Over Satanic Allopathic Pharmakeia MD Proving His Cures in the NY Supreme Court After He Was Arrested for Running Ads Telling How His Clinic Consistently Cured AIDS, Herpes, Cancer Etc..

Here is an Alkaline Electric Recipe Youtube Channel

Alkaline Electric Recipes Channel 2 Plus Secrets of Dr. Sebi Cures Channel  – Some of Dr. Sebi’s cures methods are explained below by one of his students. 

Here are the Dr. Sebi Approved Lists and things NOT to Do.

Download (PDF, 409KB)

Download (PDF, 151KB)


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