MEDBEDS Are Almost Here – Hang On – Don’t Get that Satan MD Vaccine!

MEDBEDS Are Almost Here – Hang On – Don’t Get that Satan MD Vaccine!   Avoid MD Doctors (Satanic Allopathic MD at All Cost (Unless you have a total emergency)

  • Cures cancer
  • MEDBED type 1 can REBIUILD YOUR LIMBS – So all who have lost limbs can have them restored. 
  • 2nd Medbed can make you more intelligent!   Wow the world, and my self, need that!   Too much hideous fluoride and vaccines have mad a lot of us really….. dumb. duhh….
  • The 3rd type medbed:   a. cures cancers.   b. cures your diseases, viruses    c. Makes you 30 years younger. 
  • A little story that maybe you can learn from:  “Had a relative who came up with “cancer” directly after taking a magic pill plan,  Satan MD pharmakeia snake medicine, that flared up his pancreas.  He was ‘diagnosed’ as cancer.  From there the Satanic MD’s (and nurses – and many times, the nurses are worse) proceeded for the sake of money, lying through their teeth the whole way, proceed to do this or that idiotic procedure while trying to push literally a fast food diet, while calling natural supplements ‘bad’, while not even knowing that you need to take enzymes if your pancreas is not working…  to one blundering move to another, torturing and torturing and torturing  this relative, until there was not much left of him, a hardly moving or able to walk one or two layers short of a skeleton.     

    I can’t say that they murdered him, even knowing and admitting that their success with the pancreas was only 2% while slandering and bullying their patients aspirations to visit other health care professionals who had over 90% success rate with “pancreatic cancer”.   No I can’t say they murdered this patient since the patient agreed to go along with them because he was bullied and scared but also that patient was one of their kind (MD); he “drank the Koolaid” and would not listen for years to what actually worked, was logical. He thought pharmakeia drugs were like candy. He agreed with them and they gleefully tortured him to his doom will making a fortune all the way.   I was telling this relative “just hold on! The medbeds are coming the medbeds are coming!”  Unfortunately, he’s gone.  And to put the nail in this relatives coffin, the final kill came with some ‘expert nurses’ decided to toss some ‘extra magic’ into this patient’s IV, whereas the IV was to only be saline for hydration – they put in the last blow.  He said the words “So Shiny….” and then he said “I’m coming I’m coming… hold on….” and passed away.  

    But when you put your life under the care of Dr. Ba’al, there’s only theft, murder and destruction awaiting you many times noticed right away, but more often, sinisterly, problem after problem starts creeping up on you later, all very conveniently so you can be sold into some Frankenstonian procedure or some snake medicine pharmakeia pill that looks to mask one problem while creating multiple more in you (as you can hear from their own commercials – and they actually think they ‘retain good karma’ if they tell you first in some sneaky way what they are going to do to you).   Allopathic Satanic MD Medicine must be completely replaced.  Unfortunately, their education so corrupts their minds and heart that it is rare that they ever learn how to heal someone.  That said, of recent, I’ve seen a couple MD’s get really close in learning how to actually heal and cure a person.  I was happy to see that.  If anything, maybe the rest of MD’s and nurses can be converted into MEDBED technicians, maybe; most will probably screw that up as well….”


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