MD Doctor Says Doctors and Nurses Giving COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals?

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MD Doctor Says Doctors and Nurses Giving COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals…  We’ve Heard this from Several People as in that’s the Plan, it’s Been the Plan for a While. 

Okay but also who allowed the vaccine to be distributed in the first place? Who promoted it? Who made it? Who recommended it? After the results from the vaccine are shown to be detrimental to people’s health as many have been reporting, for as even seen in stories such as Hank Aaron dying from the vaccine – are doctors and nurses still giving this vaccine after knowing the detrimental effects of the vaccine?

Knowing what is widely known about MD pharmaceutical “pharmakia”  allopathic medicine – if you are in M.D. or nurse, at this point in time, you may want to take a break and reevaluate what you’re doing.  Maybe if you actually always wanted to help people, even more importantly then having a nice paycheck and a secure job, you may want to get retrained and something else that actually heals people while also avoiding the trouble of the times right now.

Is the vaccine judgment for people who failed to believe God but believe Satan through Satan controlled media and Satanic MD allopathic other scam snake oil medicine?  What percent of M.D. allopathic medicine is a scam would you say? 98% 99% we would have to factor in certain emergency repair scenarios from accidents, poisonings etc.

is it true that vaccines change your DNA so you become property of the vaccine companies? Bill Gates? So that what you get the vaccine once you have to keep getting it or you’ll die? Since the vaccine is an operating system does that mean they can control you especially through 5G networks? Are these things true or not? What has MD pharmaceutical “pharmakia”  allopathic medicine said  to date that was actually true?  Not much. what can MD pharmaceutical “pharmakia”  allopathic medicine cure? I don’t think they can cure anything!  well they can chop off your body part and call it “cured! hahaha no more problem! See!”



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